Acne scar treatment

It is important to realize that prior to seeking any form of acne scar treatment, your face will need to be free of active acne. If you are still suffering from the effects of acne, you will need to address this first. Once your acne has cleared up you can then decide on the specific course of treatment that you wish to take. There are various forms of acne scar treatment however opinions still vary on how effective these actually are.

Dermabrasion – this is typically used for shallow imperfections rather than what is known as ice pick scarring. The approximate cost will be $1500 per treatment and you may find that repeated treatments are sometimes necessary.

Laser resurfacing – This, again, is merely to treat shallow imperfections rather than ice pick scarring. This will cost approximately $3000 per treatment and, once again, you may require repeated treatments.

Chemical peels – this form of acne scar treatment is best used for very mild acne scarring. Treatment will cost approximately $750 and will typically you will need to repeat it several times.

Punch techniques – this is specifically for ice pick scars that may be similar to deep chickenpox scars. The cost is approximately $50 per Punch and the number of treatments you will require will depend very much on your individual condition.

Subcision – this treatment is used for pretty much every kind of acne scar. It will require multiple treatments and you should seek a specific price from your doctor.

Augmentation – This is specifically for deeper scars. The approximate cost will be $300-$700 per cubic centimeter. This is specifically for the use of collagen. The cost will vary depending on the actual amount of skin area that needs to be treated. In order to get a more accurate pricing you should consult your doctor. Augmentation is known to produce results that are only temporary, so it is likely that you would need it to be repeated.

Saline injections – this is the best form of treatment for shallow scars. It will cost approximately $100 per injection and it is recommended that you complete at least 4 to 5 treatments.

There are numerous factors that you should keep in mind prior to seeking treatment and these include:

People will experience a different type of scarring from acne and therefore it is extremely important that any form of acne scar treatment is addressed on a case by case basis. There is no one single treatment that is right for every person and therefore you should discuss the specific treatment you require with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. You can then come to a decision as to which is the best treatment for your type of acne scarring.

Often several, rather than one, of these treatments will be used in combination to treat acne scars. An example of this is that laser acne treatment will are often follow the Punch technique. Additionally Ice pick acne scars may well require subcision followed by augmentation.

It is also vitally important that you are realistic about the actual results you expect. Most doctors can provide before and after pictures of their previous patients, which should give you a better idea. It is also important to remember that picking at your acne is more than likely to cause additional scarring.

Acne is known as a skin condition that will affect up to 80% of people in their teens and 20s. It will also affect 5% of older adults. You actually find that the majority of people will completely recover from acne and will not be left of any permanent effects however some people are unlucky enough to be left with disfiguring acne scars. Although there are numerous topical skincare products are medications that are aimed at treating and improving mild scarring, the majority of permanent scars will need to be treated with a combination of the surgical procedures mentioned.

Prior to considering any specific surgical procedure, you may choose to use certain medications. These could include tretinoin which is known to speed up the skins remodelling process and can also help to heal the most inflammatory changes. A formula that is made up from Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA), and that contains the correct concentrations of both, are known to provide the appropriate pH that is needed to remodel the skin. However it is important to remember that prior to trying to self treat acne scars you should always consult your doctor. As you can see, the majority of these acne scar treatments come with a fairly high price tag and they may not even be able to produce the desired results. Only after you have had a full and correct diagnosis from your doctor will you know which course of action to take.

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