Xtend-Life Natural Products Reviews

Xtend-Life features a wide variety of natural health supplements that are all designed to help you live a longer and fuller life. They are different from all other companies out there in that they don’t simply sell these products or distribute them. Instead, they research, create, market, and distribute every product, and their dedication to quality means that each supplement they sell is absolutely the best. Their team of leading bio-scientists is some of the top professionals in their fields, and they take every product through a very rigorous testing phase before it’s allowed on the market.

What’s more, they also put all of the raw ingredients, which the company sources themselves, through testing before using them to ensure that only the purest ingredients are used in their products. Very few other skin care and supplement companies do this—most purchase their raw ingredients from contract manufacturers, which makes it impossible for them to control the quality of these ingredients.

Xtend-Life refuses to compromise on product quality, but they are also dedicated to providing customers the best products at the best price. They have worked to ensure that their supplements are affordable by using best marketing practices and by avoiding middlemen who inflate prices to increase their profits. The company is also dedicated to giving their customers the best customer service possible, and their loyal customer base that spans more than 40 countries is a testimony to how well Xtend-Life has met this goal.

Wondering what Xtend-Life can offer you? They currently have a wide range of products that can help with everything from arthritis and diabetes to memory enhancement and fatigue. Below are short descriptions of each of their products. Chances are, you’ll find at least one that meets your needs.

Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil
The Xtend-Life Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil supplement features fish oil from the clear and pollution-free waters of the ocean off the coast of New Zealand. This is some of the purest fish oil available, making it one of the safest supplements you’ll find. Some fish oil supplements come from waters that simply aren’t the cleanest, and those pollutants can end up in your supplements. Other products do not use fresh fish oil, which is another absolute must. The fresher it is, the lower the oxidation levels.

What does this mean for you? It means that Xtend-Life’s Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil is going to provide many more benefits than other fish oil supplements. You will get more than two and a half times the anti-inflammatory benefits that standard fish oil supplements provide, plus you’ll get twice the amount of omega 3 fish oil. You’ll also get natural triglyceride, not a synthetic form that is used in some fish oils. Likewise, the high levels of DHA, which is the most valuable component of fish oil, make Xtend-Life’s Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil an absolute must have if you’re looking for a fish oil supplement.

Total Balance Unisex
Finding a good multi-vitamin for the entire family can be difficult, but Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Unisex is the perfect supplement for everyone, even children from age 12 and older. It’s also perfect for women who have gone through menopause. In fact, Total Balance Unisex addresses issues that affect everyone, and it does so with a blend of all natural ingredients. The bio-actives present in Total Balance Unisex provide a great way of keeping healthy no matter what your age or gender.

The Total Balance Unisex formula has a number of both short and long term benefits. In the short term, you’ll notice your skin becoming clearer, and you’ll be able to think better. You may also find yourself dealing with stress more easily and feeling better overall. Other benefits include better looking hair, improved cholesterol levels, a better resistance to colds and the flu, and improved sleep. All of this is due to the amazing 76 different bio-active ingredients that make the Total Balance Unisex formula one of the most amazing supplements you will ever find.

Total Balance Men’s
Many men over 30 start to face many issues, including impotence, the possibility of prostate cancer, and the general issues of growing old. To help them deal with these issues, Xtend-Life has created Total Balance Men’s, a special formula of minerals, vitamins, and other bio-active ingredients that address all areas of aging. These ingredients help to balance out hormones, provide all the nutrients an aging man needs, and help ensure proper prostate health.

Total Balance Men’s features a number of different ingredients, including Chrysin, which helps to balance testosterone levels. It also features Nettle extract for prostate nourishment. In addition to these benefits, you’ll also find that the ingredients in Total Balance Men’s formula help you think better, provide an improved sense of well-being, and help your body fight off both infections and long-term diseases and illnesses. There are 77 different bio-active ingredients in the formula, and all of them work together to provide many different benefits, both short and long-term, that will make you glad you made the decision to take Total Balance Men’s.

Total Balance Women’s
Women over 30 have specific vitamin and nutrient needs, and Xtend-Life knows that there are many different issues that they face as they age. To help combat these issues, they have formulated the Total Balance Women’s supplement. This supplement features a combination of many different bio-active ingredients to help support women’s health. This includes helping to balance hormones using a safe and natural method that is also very effective these ingredients help to minimize any discomfort and pain from PMS and help to reduce the hot flashes that many women deal with when going through menopause.

Women who start using Total Balance Women’s will see some amazing benefits almost right away. They will find themselves with more energy, and they’ll find that their minds are clearer and sharper. They may notice that their skin starts to clear up and that their hair looks more lustrous. Over time, their cholesterol levels will lower, and their circulatory system and heart will become stronger and healthier. They may be less susceptible to the flu, the common cold, and other illnesses, and they will sleep better. All of this is due to the amazing 77 different bio-active ingredients that work together to make Total Balance Women’s one of the greatest supplements you’ll ever take.

Total Balance Unisex Premium
Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Unisex provides plenty of different nutrients, bio-active ingredients, and more for a healthy lifestyle, but if you are in need of greater benefits, the Total Balance Unisex Premium formula offers much more. The 91 different bio-active ingredients found in the product work together to provide nutrients for your entire body, including your brain. Xtend-Life prides themselves on providing the best for your body, and that’s exactly what the Total Balance Unisex Premium blend is.

The Total Balance Unisex Premium mixture includes things like SAMe and Gluthathione, two ingredients that are very sensitive to stomach acid. Because of this, the entire Total Balance Unisex Premium pill is coated in an enteric coating that protects all of the various nutrients from the stomach’s acid so that everything gets to the correct part of your body. These ingredients include amino acids, antioxidants, minerals enzymes, adaptogens, herbal extracts, and much, much more. Together, they battle the five main causes of aging and help you maintain your health.

Total Balance Men’s Premium
The Premium blend of Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Men’s formula is the ultimate health supplement for men over 30. It combats all of the signs of aging, helps to balance testosterone levels naturally, and helps to keep your prostate as healthy as possible. While the standard version of Total Balance Men’s will do all of these things, the Total Balance Men’s Premium formula goes even farther, bringing in 97 bio-active ingredients to truly provide you with a healthy body for years.

The Total Balance Men’s Premium supplement brings in many more anti-aging and overall health benefits than the standard version. It has a higher dose rate as well, which allows Xtend-Life to provide extra ingredients to battle the five main causes of aging. You’ll see faster results and more pronounced benefits from Total Balance Men’s Premium. The extra ingredients help with Mitochondria stimulation, DNA repair, and help your body produce the more beneficial levels of glycation and methylation. With Total Balance Men’s Premium, you’ll get the optimal amount of the bio-active ingredients you need to truly maximize your health.

Total Balance Women’s Premium
Women over the age of 30 have specific vitamin and mineral needs, and sometimes, the standard Xtend-Life Total Balance Women’s formula just doesn’t offer everything a woman needs. For these women, there’s Total Balance Women’s Premium. It offers the same blend of nutrients that help balance a woman’s hormones to minimize the discomfort that accompanies menopause and menstrual cramps, but it does so much more to ensure total health.

The amazing 96 different bio-active ingredients that are found in Total Balance Women’s Premium include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, amino acids, flavonoids, anti-methylation agents, herbal extracts, and much more. They’re all wrapped up in an enteric coating that protects them from stomach acids and helps get them delivered to the correct location in your body. Once there, they will help battle the five different causes of aging: glycation, methylation, inflammation, DNA degeneration, and free radicals. No other supplement addresses all five of these areas, especially the area of DNA repair. However, Total Balance Women’s Premium provides a potent and natural way of battling all five of these areas of aging, making it one of the best supplements a woman can take.

Total Balance Childrens
Children need nutritional supplements just like the rest of us. This is because they often do not get the nutrients and minerals that they need to fully develop. Without these many nutrients, children’s brains and other organs simply cannot grow as they should, and this can cause many health problems down the line. Adding to this problem is that many children do not eat as well as they should—fast food and other types of junk food have replaced the home cooked, balanced meal and sensible, healthy snacks that provide minerals, vitamins, and more. So what can you do to ensure that your children get all the nutrients they need?

Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Children’s formula features 86 different active ingredients that help children develop as they should. The ingredients found in this supplement are just as powerful as those found in Total Balance Men’s or Women’s, and they provide the same types of healthy benefits. This includes maintaining your child’s DNA by stimulating DNA repair, plus preventing other causes of illness like free radicals and inflammation. Don’t take chances with your children’s health—provide them with one of the best nutritional supplements on the market today.

Arthrit-Eze (Not Just Joints)
If you suffer from arthritis, you know just how painful even the simplest of tasks can be. Many people find that taking glucosamine and chondroitin provide a great amount of relief and give them their pain-free lives back. However, while these supplements work for some, they don’t work for everyone. That’s why Xtend-Life created Arthrit-Eze (Not Just Joints). This product is one of the most advanced natural products on the market. It can offer the relief from arthritis that no other product can, and it’s completely safe, natural, and has no side effects.

Arthrit-Eze (Not Just Joints) will get to the root cause of your arthritis instead of simply treating the symptoms. It helps to restore glutathione and cartilage in your body, which in turn increases your joint mobility and reduces inflammation and stiffness. Overall, Arthrit-Eze provides you with natural, long-term pain relief that helps protect and even restore your affected joints. It also helps to boost the immune system and may even have an impact on your overall skin condition.

The Bone-Protec product from Xtend-Life features 11 different active ingredients all designed to help protect and strengthen your bones. This gives you better strength, increased mobility, and can help reduce any bone or skeletal pains you may have. It also helps to improve your posture and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases. The 11 active ingredients are all natural and have been proven to be effective in providing protection against bone density loss. This is quite important as you age since losing bone density increases your chances of fractures, hip replacements, and broken hips.

Bone-Protec uses a powerful blend of Vitamins C, D3, and K2 along with calcium, magnesium, boron, lycopene, strontium, piperine, silicon, and mangosteen extract to provide your bones with everything they need to remain strong and healthy as you age. This blend helps your body absorb and dispense calcium more quickly, can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and helps strengthen your cartilage. It also helps to decrease oxidative stress on your skeleton and, overall, increase your bone health so that you will stay healthy, mobile, and pain-free as you age.

Spring cleaning always makes our homes look cleaner and makes us feel better. What does that have to do with our bodies, though? Well, Cardio-Klenz is like giving our circulatory system a great spring cleaning on a regular basis. Over the years, it’s inevitable that plaque and other gunk is going to build up in our arteries. This buildup is actually the leading cause of many different cardiovascular diseases, including strokes, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. This makes it imperative that it’s dealt with. If you’ve been taking Xtend-Life’s Omega3/DHA and Total Balance supplements for years, you’re already dealing with this problem. However, if you’re over 40 and you haven’t been taking these supplements for the past ten years, you need Cardio-Klenz.

Cardio-Klenz uses a unique blend of special enzymes and other natural substances to help break down plaque that has built up in the arteries. This plaque can then be flushed out of the body, leaving the arteries smoother. This, in turn, increases your blood flow, helps to stabilize your blood pressure, and can balance out your triglyceride and LDL levels. Overall, cleaning out your arteries will leave your body feeling refreshed and allow it to function much more efficiently.

Cholest-Natural (Lipi-Rite)
Many people are told by their doctors that their cholesterol is simply too high and that you must lower it. Some doctors even go so far as to prescribe a type of drug called a statin drug to help you control your cholesterol. However, these drugs have some negative side effects. It’s much better to get your cholesterol under control using natural methods, and to that end, Xtend-Life created Cholest-Natural (Lipi-Rite). This product handles cholesterol by helping to reduce its production and absorption, decrease circulating blood fats, prevent hardening of the arteries, reduce oxidation of cholesterol, and increase the amount of cholesterol that is removed from the body.

All of this does several things. It helps to lower your LDL levels (the bad cholesterol) while at the same time raising your HDL (the good cholesterol). It also helps to reduce the oxidation of the LDL in your body and helps to improve your cardiovascular system overall. It does all of this via natural, gentle ingredients that work with your body to control your cholesterol levels.

Diabetes is a very serious illness, no matter if it’s type 1 or type 2. It is very important that all aspects of the illness are managed. There’s more to controlling diabetes than just balancing blood sugar and watching what you eat. It is very important that you get all of the extra nutrients that your body needs to function, nutrients that are often essential in keeping your body from deteriorating due to diabetes. Diabet-Eze provides these nutrients while helping balance blood sugar. It helps to provide efficient insulin secretion and production, helps to improve glucose metabolism, assists with reducing the risk of diabetic-related illnesses and diseases, helps insulin cells regenerate, and helps the liver remove toxins from the body.

Diabet-Eze uses some of the top ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help diabetics. These include Luteolin, a powerful and critical component of the product. While these ingredients do make Diabet-Eze more expensive than some other diabetic products on the market, they also make it more effective, powerful, and efficient.

Female Rejuvenator
Dealing with Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and Menopause are two things all women have to deal with, and for some, they can be horrible experiences. Some women experience excruciating cramps, pain, migraines, and bloating every month, not to mention mood swings, lethargy, and even bad skin. Up to 40 percent of all women report these symptoms of PMS. Then there are the hot flashes, dryness, and sleep disturbances of menopause. Xtend-Life knows that there are many different drugs out there that supposedly help with these issues, but none of them are natural, and many have some very serious side effects that are almost worse than what they’re curing!

The Female Rejuvenator product is a natural alternative that may be exactly what you need. The natural ingredients in the product will help relief the pain that comes with PMS, reduce mood swings, and help to even out your hormones so that they return to their natural balance. Of course, no two women have the same types of PMS, so the Female Rejuvenator may not always work the same for everyone, but many women have found that it provides at least some relief from their symptoms, with most reporting complete satisfaction.

Green Lipped Mussel Powder
During the cold, damp, and humid weather, many people notice that their arthritis and other aches and pains get worse. Sometimes these pains get progressively worse, in fact, the longer this type of weather goes on. These pains can include stiffness in the hands, inflamed and swollen joints, and mild pain related to arthritis. Some people may have found that supplements like glucosamine can help, but these supplements aren’t always useful.

Xtend-Life set out to create a product that would help, and their top researchers found the New Zealand mussel called the green lipped mussel held the secret to relief. The natural ingredients found in the Green Lipped Mussel Powder can help with many different problems, including inflammation of the joints and much more. It can help improve the nervous, immune, and circulatory systems, and it may even help with fertility. Xtend-Life’s Green Lipped Mussel Powder even includes a natural form of chondroitin and glucosamine, so you continue to get the benefits these ingredients provide as well.

Male Rejuvenator
As men get older, they start to face several major health fears. The first of these is prostrate cancer. It is estimated that men have a 50 percent chance of having an enlarged prostate by the time they turn 59. Not only that, but they will also have to deal with a loss of sexual desire and drive. This can have a huge impact on their personal lives. Dealing with these issues once they’ve developed can be difficult, and in some cancer cases, surgery is the only option. What, then, is the best way of handing both prostrate cancer and a loss of libido? Prevention.

That’s the driving force behind the Male Rejuvenator product. It uses natural nutrients and ingredients to help provide your body with everything it needs to keep your prostrate healthy and keep your libido functioning normally. The Male Rejuvenator helps protect you from cancer and can reduce the discomfort than an enlarged prostrate causes. It also provides a natural way of boosting your testosterone production. When taken in combination with Xtend-Life’s Total Balance Men’s Plus, you’ll find your overall health improves dramatically, and you can put those fears of prostrate surgery to rest!

In today’s world, it seems like everyone takes a multi-vitamin. None of us eat as healthily as we should, even if we really make an effort to eat fruits and vegetables and to avoid fast food as much as possible. Part of this isn’t our fault—modern day farming methods have actually led to some mineral deficiencies in our foods. Because of this, it is almost impossible to truly get all the vitamins and minerals we need to have healthy bodies.

While there are many multi-vitamin choices out there, few are as complete or as powerful as Multi-Xtra. Xtend-Life’s research team has gone out of their way to create a multi-vitamin that features the best natural vitamins available. These vitamins are completely natural, unlike those used in other products that claim to use whole food vitamins. Many of these are actually derived from various petrochemicals or bio-engineered plants. There are 48 different active ingredients in Multi-Xtra, something few other multi-vitamins can claim. If you are looking for a great multi-vitamin that will maximize your health and provide everything your body needs, look no farther. Multi-Xtra is exactly what you want.

Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen
Do you find yourself needing a nap during the afternoon? The period after lunch is often a time of very low energy for most people. However, few of us have the luxury of crawling under our desks and taking a power nap. If you find yourself needing a bit of extra energy to make it through the day, don’t turn to coffee or energy drinks. You’ll only have to deal with the crash as these drinks wear off. Instead, reach for Xtend-Life’s Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen.

Bee Pollen? That certainly doesn’t sound very appetizing, but the truth is that bee pollen is actually full of natural energy. This bee pollen comes from some of the most pristine areas of New Zealand, areas that have not been touched by chemicals or any other type of pollution. By combining this chemical-free natural energy with special enzymes that help release and amplify its properties, you’ll find yourself wide awake in minutes. To guarantee energy, Xtend-Life has also added Siberian ginseng, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to the mix. Nothing will give you an afternoon pick-me-up like Natural Energy with NZ Bee Pollen.

Neuro Natural General
The human brain is one of, if not the, most mysterious organ in the human body. It may seem to be functioning perfectly and then, suddenly, a problem will appear. The nervous system is much the same. Before we know it, we may be facing something like dementia or Alzheimer’s, diseases that can creep up on us and take us by surprise. One way of preventing this is to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. Even if everything seems to be functioning as intended, even if your health is perfect, it’s never a bad idea to take a supplement.

Xtend-Life’s Neuro Natural General is a general supplement that is something like a little extra insurance. The nutrients and ingredients in the product are designed to help keep our brain and nervous system in good health and functioning as they should. It contains things like L-Carnosine to battle glycation and Huperzine A that helps to prevent the breakdown of one of the most critical neurotransmitters, Acetylcholine. Taking Neuro Natural General provides many benefits, including better thinking, improved memory, and even better sleep. Plus, it’s a bit of extra insurance against future diseases that could destroy your life.

Neuro Natural Memory
Having a good memory is something many people wish they had. As we get older, it seems to become harder and harder to remember as much as we used to. There are a number of different things that cause our memories to slowly lose their focus, including a lack of specific nutrients, chemical imbalances, and even exposure to some pollutants. Restoring memory can be difficult, which is why Xtend-Life has set out to help prevent memory loss in the first place with Neuro Natural Memory, one of their four different Neuro Natural products.

Neuro Natural Memory uses a number of all natural ingredients to help preserve our memories. The main two include special substances that are extracted from moss and periwinkle. These ingredients, Vinpocetine and Huperzine A, are two ingredients that are rarely used in memory products because of their cost. However, they are incredibly effective and keeping our minds sharp, especially when combined with other potent ingredients like Siberian ginseng, Schizandra, and Alpha-Lipoic acid. Many so-called memory enhancement products use only a few of these ingredients, but Neuro Natural Memory combines them all into one powerful supplement to help prevent memory lapse, clear up that brain fog, and make your mind that much sharper.

Neuro Natural Serenity
Depression can have many causes; some are external, but some are caused by a chemical imbalance or lack of specific chemicals. One of these chemicals is called methylation. If the body has a methylation deficiency, it cannot change homocysteine into methionine, an amino acid. This can then lead to inactive serotonin, which then can result in depression. One of the best natural methylation replacements is called SAMe, and it’s one of the key ingredients in Xtend-Life’s Neuro Natural Serenity product.

Neuro Natural Serenity features 43 active ingredients. Many of these ingredients are incredibly potent on their own, but when they’re all combined, they create one of the most powerful anti-depressants available. They’re all completely natural, too, and work with your body to help balance out your methylation levels. These include things such as vinpocetine, herbal extracts, amino acids, and a number of different enzymes, all of which make Neuro Natural Serenity one of the best natural supplements on the market today.

Neuro Natural Sleep
A lack of sleep can cause many problems. Without a good amount of rest, our bodies begin to break down, our immune system no longer functions as well as it should, and our minds no longer work as sharply as they should. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to really get a good amount of quality sleep. While sleep aids can help, they aren’t a long term solution—they can be addictive, plus they have some side effects that are unpleasant.

To help our bodies naturally fall asleep and stay asleep, Xtend-Life has devoted one of its four Neuro Natural blends to sleeping. Neuro Natural Sleep features a blend of natural supplements that can help anyone get a good night’s sleep. These herbs include hops, passion flower, and Valarian extract, some amino acids like L-Threonine, and nutrients such as SAMe, Resveratrol, and Huperzine A. In addition to these powerful natural ingredients, Neuro Natural Sleep features 32 other nutrients. Combined, they create one of the safest and yet most effective sleep aids on the market, and best of all, Neuro Natural Sleep is non-habit forming and has no side effects at all.

Viral-Protec (Immu-Stay)
If you seem to get sick more than others, you may want to look into an extra bit of protection. While most people find that a daily multi-vitamin or supplement like Xtend-Life’s Total Balance formula gives them all the extra protection against viruses, the flu, and the cold, some people simply need a bit more of a boost to their immune system. That’s where Xtend-Life’s Viral-Protec (Immu-Stay) comes into play. You can take this product in conjunction with supplements like Total Balance or you can take it on its own.

The Viral-Protec formula is specially designed to use active ingredients like Indian Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Bilberry Extract, Turmeric, and more to create a viral fighting complex that will boost your body’s resistance to colds, stimulate your immune system, and help provide an increased amount of antioxidants. These various ingredients will help your body resist even the strongest strain of the cold or flu, and you’ll find that even that yearly cold is fought into submission.

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  1. Amy T says:


    Question on X-tend Life…I’ve continued to do more research and I found that the hoki fish aka Blue grenadier is not an oily fish but a whitefish. Where a small amt of DHA level is stored in the liver which means the fish does not naturally have a high concentration of DHA. I’ve read that it is not a good idea to get DHA pills that are made from cod liver and wouldn’t the same apply to the hoki since the DHA is extracted from the hoki liver?

    What I found is that the best DHA supplement is one that is derived from the purest location, from an oily fish, and molecularly distilled. An Oily fish, oil-rich fish or pelagic fish oil is derived from the tissues of oily fish and throughout the body and the fillet and in the belly cavity around the gut, rather than only in the liver since white fish contains oil only in their liver. Hence again, the hoki is a whitefish not an oily fish.

    Some examples of oily fish include sardine, pilchards, trout, anchovies, salmon, tuna, and mackerel, among others. Oily fish fillets may contain up to 30 percent oil, although this figure varies both within and between species. Oily fish generally swim in the pelagic zonePelagic zone. While the open seas of the oceans are usually cold water fish (while white fish are warm water fish).

    So learning that, how is it that you can claim that your supplement is the best since your company prides itself from gettting oils from a cold water fish but in realitiy the hoki fish is a warm water fish? I am a consumer and am trying to find the best supplement for myself and for my family. But want to research as thorough as possible to find the best pill. In terms of pureness, that I can believe since the hoki is found in the NZ/Austrailia meaning it is less polluted than other locations but in terms of extracting the oils from the liver instead of the whole fish is not sounding so great. Can you help in explaining this.


    • m.c says:

      Hi Amy T,

      I am also currently doing some research/reviews on the best, purest, safest form of fish oil for my family as I’m considering to give some to my 2 1/2yr old son. I read about what you wrote and i am impressed with your research as they are quite accurate. So have u & your family decided on a product yet? Do you mind sharing it with us? At this stage I am considering Xtend Life Fish Oil but after reading what u hd wrote, am not quite sure now. Also the other product I’m looking at is OmegaBrite. Have u heard of it? Would appreciate your reply. Thankyou.

  2. housemaid says:

    I eat hoki fillets. If you bake one, no oil comes out that I can see. I have been unable to find how much DHA hoki has in a 3.5 oz cooked serving.

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