Whey protein powder

Whey protein has been a common topic for those concerned with health and physical fitness. Here are some basic info on what whey protein is, how it benefits the body, as well as possible side effects that are associated with it.

Whey protein generally refers to a group of proteins which are globular in shape. They are separated from whey, a component of cow’s milk. As cow’s milk is made into cheese, whey is produced in the process. Whey can be discarded in the process or used for other purposes. Whey protein is made of lactoglobulin, serum albumin, and alpha-lactalbumin.

Just like proteins in egg white, whey protein can be affected by heat and changed irreversibly. When whey protein is included in the pasteurization of milk, it is less bio-active. If the pasteurization is omitted, whey protein is bio-active, so it has high levels of the amino acid cysteine and glutathione, a strong antioxidant that ensures overall health and fitness. Therefore, bio-active whey protein, when exposed to heat, reduces the amounts of cysteine, but it does not affect the content of the protein and its food value.

Whey protein is rich in essential and non-essential amino acids, that which are the building blocks of the body’s protein. For people how have low-carb and high-protein diets, whey protein is an essential inclusion. Whey protein as part of the diet introduces no fats and no excess carbs.

Many obstetricians have recommended their patients to add whey protein into their diet. This is beneficial for the growing infant because it provides amino acids that are needed for development. Increasing whey protein in the diet helps the growth and ensures the health of the baby. This also provides components that strengthen the child’s immune system. Whey protein helps prevent the onset of infections and disease later on in the baby’s life.

For those who want to gain, muscle growth is a high priority. For this reason, whey protein is always included in their diet. Whey protein helps muscles grow and develop faster as compared to working out alone. This has helped many body building enthusiasts achieve their desired muscle mass more effectively.

For athletes who supplement their diets with whey protein also improve and strengthen their immune systems. This allows them to recover faster and heal better after sustaining athletic injuries.

Degenerative diseases are among the most challenging to deal with. Because most of the natural components of the body are slowly being destroyed by immune system cells, these conditions can be very severe, and may be irreversible in some cases. The common body systems affected are the muscular system, skeletal system, and the nervous system.

Most of the treatments done for patients of these conditions include surgery, chemotherapy, and drastic alterations to their diets. Whey protein, as mentioned for its immune system benefits and muscle aiding factors, is often recommended in the diets of such patients. For example, diabetes, cancer and AIDS may be associated with muscle deterioration, so intake of whey protein helps the muscle cells recover from the stress.

If you are already convinced by the benefits you can get from whey protein, then you should try it out. You will be glad to know that most supermarkets and health food shops sell the commercial varieties of whey protein.

Even though whey protein has boosted the body’s defenses and offers tons of benefits for the user, taking too much of what is recommended may have adverse effects on the body. These can be reflected on the health of the liver, and nobody would want to suffer from liver damage. Also, whey protein may not be ideal for lactose intolerant individuals, so a whey protein isolate must be used instead, so levels of lactose are lower.

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    Whey protein is one of my last meals of the day. On avaerage, I have 3 shakes on training days and 4 on non training days.

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