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If you need to go on a diet, Weight Watchers might just be for you. Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular diet plans out there and can be accessed worldwide, for many reasons. I’m sure the reasons center on the “togetherness” of the Weight Watchers followers and the idea of counting points and not calories. There is no doubt that the point system works; it’s simply a matter of an individual following the plan for life. Don’t let this startle you…I hate to burst your bubble, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to be committed for life. Now, that said, Weight Watchers will help you do that. You might find some that hate it, but there are those others who love it!

Sound Principles
Maybe one thing that is so enticing is that it isn’t based off some silly gimmick (and nearly impossible thing to do), such as low-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-protein, etc. It plays off one of the simplest concepts known to man: calorie control.  Take note, calorie control is the only way to lose weight. Most every diet is based off some form of caloric control (by having the dieter eat certain foods and in certain amounts), but they also add crazy things in like low-carbohydrate. Weight Watchers allows the dieter to eat what he or she wants in moderate serving sizes. Yes, he and she; everyone can follow this diet.

Support Group
The other great thing about Weight Watchers, and what most diet plans are lacking, is the support group available at all times. There are weekly meetings and weekly weigh-ins to track progress; everyone at these meetings is in the same boat. Coming together and talking about each week is great for some people and some people really appreciate that.

The Point System
This is where Weight Watchers got there fame, through the newly invented Point System. With this system, calories are nowhere to be found: you don’t worry about calories, you don’t count calories, and you don’t track calories. You worry about points, you count points, and you track calories. The good thing about this system is it has the very same basic idea as counting calories, so it’s not hard to learn. Just as everyone has a certain number of calories they can eat per day to maintain (or lose) weight, everyone has a certain number of points they can eat per day. This number can fluctuate with the weight loss. One thing that the Point System has that calorie counting doesn’t is “freebies”. You might be wondering what I mean by this…well, Weight Watchers allows each person a certain number of extra points per week (not per day).

How the Point System Works
Every food has a point value, based on the calorie, fat, and fiber content. The idea is that you can eat whatever you want, as long as it falls within your point range for the day. Hopefully, after reaching your goal weight, you will stick with these “healthy” habits for life. With some diets, for example low-carbohydrate, you’re not going to stay off carbohydrates for the rest of your life. That is why Weight Watchers is a life-long plan.

Some people might have issues with paying money to lose weight, but get real, everyone is paying money to  lose weight no matter how you go about it. You pay for a gym membership, you pay for healthy foods, you pay for those fad diet books, and you might even pay to see a nutritionist. Weight Watchers is no different. You’d still probably be paying for a gym membership, you’re paying for Weight Watchers approved foods, the fad diet book is now the Weight Watchers membership, and seeing a nutritionist is not necessary. Yeah, Weight Watchers may be a little pricey, but there is a price for everything.

Many people have had success and have been happy with the Weight Watchers diet plan. The only problems might be related to the cost and taking time out for the meetings. But, as mentioned above, there are online support groups too. As long as you can find a weight loss plan suitable for you and one you can stick with, you can’t go wrong.

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