Weight Watchers Points

It’s often difficult to find a weight loss plan that allows you the flexibility to eat what you want in moderation and still lose weight. Dieters are generally subjected to bad prepared foods, bars and shakes that are unsatisfying and unappetizing, or segregated food options that allow them to eat exclusively from only one food group. Weight Watchers is a different kind of program, one that offers flexibility, taste and the option to truly tailor the diet to your specific needs and lifestyle.

The Weight Watchers Points system gives dieters a set amount of points that they are allowed to eat each day. This point value is based on the weight of the dieter. Weight Watchers Points also gives dieters an additional thirty five points to eat during the week. Dieters can eat these points all in one sitting, one day or gradually throughout the week. As the dieter begins to lose weight, they will need to consult their Weight Watchers reference materials. For every so many pounds you lose, dieters will need to lower the amount of points they are allowed to eat each week.

So, what do the points mean in terms of food? Basically, calories, fat and fiber are each given a certain value. You really need to pay for program materials in order to get specifics, but generally every 50 calories in your favorite food is 1 point, every 12 grams of fat is another and you can subtract a point for every 5 grams of fiber. Now, there are program specific caps that need to be observed, and those can only be found on Weight Watchers Points proprietary plan materials.

In terms of points by weight, the food points you are allowed to eat per day will range from about 22 points to 35. That means, if your weight puts you in the 22 point bracket, that 250 calorie candy bar with 12 grams of fat and no fiber will take up 6 of your 22 points. That’s more than 25% of the points you are allowed to eat for the day. This means you are either forced to choose something healthier (and therefore lower in calories and fat) or you must scrimp on food the rest of the day. This can be a catalyst for healthier eating since you will be driven by the empty hunger pit, also known as your stomach, to find foods that are low in calories and high in satisfaction (something the Pritikin Principle diet espouses).

Dining out is often the toughest challenge to any diet. Weight Watchers Points makes dining out easy IF you can find the caloric, fat and fiber content of the foods you plan to eat. Many fast food restaurants make their nutritional information available, and several restaurants do too. Since the Weight Watchers Points is so popular, many websites have popped up with the points values for restaurant foods, which can make it much easier for you. Keep in mind, the basket of chili fries from the bar down the street may not be on any list, so you may want to find a comparable item to estimate your potential diet devastation. Asking for salad dressing on the side, for fried foods to be grilled and for low fat condiments can help you tweak your intake.

Once you’ve reached your goal weight with Weight Watchers Points there is a maintenance program to help you stay at that weight. Many stories abound about those who have been able to achieve long term success with the plan, and those who weren’t. Like any weight loss plan, you should consult your physician before you give it a go.

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