Weight loss foods for women

As the feminine ideal of beauty keeps getting smaller and skinnier, real American women often feel the pressure to forego food in order to fit into that perfect size 0 dress. Women strive to achieve the bony beauty ideal by either dieting and exercising or not eating at all – sometimes to the point of causing low weight related health problems and eating disorders such as anorexia. Both conditions are serious signs of trouble, and women need to know that they do not have to starve themselves or cause themselves inner harm just to look “ideal” on the outside. Luckily, for women who are serious about losing weight the right way, there are plenty of weight loss foods for women out there that will allow them to eat heartily while getting thin healthily.

For ages women have tried fad diets and other crazy trends in order to get skinny. Unfortunately, fad diets and diet pills treat a symptom of overweight, not the cause – which is a lifestyle filled with unhealthy eating habits and sedentary activities. To actually lose weight, women have to commit to a true lifestyle change when it comes to diet and exercise, and that is where weight loss foods for women come in. If you work foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, brown rice, oats, and herbal tea into your diet while leaving out any foods that are high in fat, sugar, cholesterol or salt out of your diet, you can wean yourself off any food addictions and attain the perfect body for your size and frame.

The foods mentioned above – fruits and vegetables, etc. – are just a few of the common weight loss foods for women. Some weight loss foods for women are common, while some are uncommon or even nearly unheard of in the United States. For example, carob, and pulses are both super weight loss foods for women. If you are looking for a snack, try unsalted nuts or jacketed potatoes, and if you want to go completely vegan try tofu and a vegan salad with olive oil dressing. For those women who enjoy yogurt, low-fat live yogurt is a weight loss food that is both tasty and nutritious.

Sadly, there are plenty of foods that aren’t weight loss foods for women. In fact, they are quite the opposite. Staples like dairy products and eggs are not weight loss foods for women, though you should get the recommended daily allowance of dairy in your diet, just not to excess. Sweets like added sugar, chocolate, rice pudding, marmalade and jam, and carbonated soft drinks are also a no no when it comes to women and weight loss. Cakes and biscuits are off limits, as well.

If you plan on losing weight, you should also get used to the fact that you will be spending more time in the kitchen. Processed foods such as food-in-a-box or frozen meals are not recommended as weight loss foods for women. If a woman really wants to lose weight quickly and healthily, she should consider going, if not vegan, vegetarian. Vegetarian foods are easier on the digestive system and high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients while absent of added sugars, fats and all those other nasty elements that add weight onto a woman’s figure.

If you are planning on trying to eat weight loss foods for women to lose weight, first consult your physician. Any radical diet change can negatively affect a woman’s health in many ways. Your doctor can monitor you for signs of eating disorders or if you are losing weight too quickly for the health of your body. Good luck in your weight loss endeavors, and be sure to do it slowly and safely in order to keep that weight off for good.

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  1. There are plenty of men, including myself, who are attracted to women who are lean and muscular, not thin and bony. There’s a big difference between the two. A woman who starves herself in order to lose weight will end up thin and bony because in addition to starving away body fat, she will also starve away lean muscle mass. This is not attractive or healthy, and she’ll most likely end up gaining back any of the weight she loses (which is what happens to most people who go on a starvation diet).

    A woman who cuts back on calories slightly, eats a nutritious diet, and increases physical activity (both aerobic exercise and weight training) will end up lean, muscular and healthy, and will most likely not gain back any of the lost weight.

  2. I have tried various weight loss diet programs over several years with varying degrees of success. The most effective diets for me have been the high protein diets, they can work well although I don’t think you ought to stay on them for a long time because of the additional strain it can lay on your system. I am also looking into the GI and the Zone diet regime as I know several associates who have lost a lot of weight using these diets. In the end your diet must really be a natural way of eating and not something you come off and go back on.

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