Water retention remedies

Water always seems so harmless. It is see through, so it isn’t hiding anything; it is virtually tasteless, so there is no evil aftertaste waiting to spring up on you; it is available for free from your tap, so it is accessible; you use it for everything—from drinking to cooking, washing to bathing—water is always there and always in use. If you didn’t already understand the term, you might even think that something like water retention is a good thing—after all, doesn’t it mean retaining this really important substance? That is great, shouldn’t you want to keep a lot of it? If you are a woman, or a man prone to the body’s nasty habit of secretly retaining water when you least expect it, then the answer is no.

Water retention happens most often to women during the time of the month that they are most prone to sudden and sharp changes in their hormone levels. These hormones affect how the kidneys work and, instead of letting them flush toxins and impurities, they cause them to retain them and fluid in the body. This results in bloating all over the body and weight gain. Clothes no longer fit properly or comfortably, and self esteem throws itself through the floor as the numbers on the scale go up. There are some water retention remedies that are easy to use and effective to help ladies, and gentlemen, through this challenging time.

Natural Water Retention Remedies
Exercise: The first unlikely water retention remedy is exercise because exercise opens your blood vessels and forces more fluid to your kidneys. This will override the message your hormones are sending your kidneys to conserve water and will force them to let it go.

Avoid Salt: Your body wants to diffuse overly salty situations. So, when you consume salt, water molecules leave your cells and attack the salt. Since your cells need water to function properly and feel like there may not be enough in your body (since so much of your water is off attacking the salt you consume) they will send instructions to your kidneys to retain water. When you avoid eating salt, your water can stay in your cells where it belongs and there is no water retention.

Drink Cranberry Juice: Cranberry juice is a diuretic, which means that it forces your body to urinate. This urination results in the expulsion of some of the excess water you have been retaining. There are other diuretics such as cabbage that you can also add to your diet.

Drink Water: It may seem counter-intuitive, but drinking more water will also cause you to urinate more which will cause you to lose some of the water you retain.

Eat a Banana: Bananas are high in potassium, a mineral that helps regulate water as it moves in and out of your cells. It can help your cells feel secure that your body has enough water and reduce the likelihood that they will send messages to retain water. It can reduce your sodium level and help your kidneys expel some of the excess water in your body.

Even if you do not take advantage of the water retention remedies above, as your hormone levels return to normal, you will notice your water retention decreasing. Your stomach, legs and ankles will return to their normal size, and you will feel a little less squishy.

If your water retention is the result of a medical disorder such as end stage renal failure, then it is important that you not attempt to fix the problem with any of the methods above. Be sure to meet with your primary care physician if you have water retention that does not seem hormonally related. It could be a symptom of a serious medical disorder that may require fast and aggressive treatment.

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