Vitamin K2

Vitamin K was first discovered in the 1920s and is a fat-soluble vitamin. It plays an important role in blood coagulation. There are three forms of vitamin K which are vitamin K1, vitamin K2 and vitamin K3. Vitamin K2, also called menaquinone and it is the most superior form of Vitamin K. You can buy Vitamin K2 as a nutritional supplement from your health food stores. The vitamin K2 that is used in health supplements has been extracted from fermented soybeans. Fermented soybeans are a popular breakfast food in Japan called natto. Vitamin K2 is also present in the good bacteria that are found in the G.I. tract of animals and human beings.

Vitamin K2 is more easily absorbed in the blood than any other form of vitamin K. Recent research has found a much higher level of circulating vitamin K in the blood when people supplement with vitamin K2 rather than vitamin K1. People who take vitamin K2 supplements benefit greatly because they are afforded more protection from osteoporosis and blockages of the arteries in the heart. Vitamin K2 can help keep calcium from being deposited in the arteries and other places where it should not be such where it can cause bone spurs. Calcification of the blood vessels can happen if there is not enough vitamin K in the blood. The proper absorption of calcium is essential to maintain good health. Calcium impacts blood pressure disorders, cardiovascular health, problems with blood sugar such as in sugar diabetes and other diseases. Vitamin K works in conjunction with vitamin D3 to help insure the proper absorption of calcium in the body.

When an individual needs to take antibiotics it can impair with the vitamin K production in the body that helps keep the optimum level of friendly bacteria in our intestines. The human body can produce its own vitamin K2, however it produces it in limited quantities. The human body can only store excess vitamin K for about one month. Vitamin K2 is also referred to as MK-7. Taking vitamin K2 has been proven to be both safe and effective as a natural treatment for heart disease and bone loss. It is also important factor in the blood that helps prevent excessive bleeding. Vitamin K plays a role in the formation of protein in the body called gamma-carboxy glutamic acid (GCGA) proteins. These proteins bind to calcium and help the regulation of cartilage, bone formation, and calcium in the cardiovascular system. There are about 100 different proteins in the body that can only work the presence of vitamin K2. Osteocalcin is one that binds to calcium to help strengthen the skeleton. The most important function of vitamin K2 in the body is the prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Studies are being done on how it affects Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. The low level of vitamin K2 in the body also plays a major role in the formation of varicose veins and skin aging. A deficiency of this vitamin can be caused by a poor diet or the use of antibiotics.

It is difficult to eat enough foods high in vitamin K2. The best natural food source of this vitamin is the traditional Japanese food called Natto that is made from fermented soybeans. Other than that, your best way of getting enough vitamin K2 is by taking supplements. You can go into your local health food store find out more information about it. You can also buy vitamin K2 from various websites online. If you are taking blood thinners you should not take vitamin K2. If you are taking other prescription medications you should not take vitamin K2 without first discussing it with your medical doctor.

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