Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms are most often seen in people who are vegetarians. It is a well-known fact that elderly vegetarians can suffer with B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms the most, even more so than any other group of people. The human body normally requires very little vitamin B 12 to maintain good health. However, not eating enough foods that are high in Vitamin B12 will result in deficiency symptoms.

There are various B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms that are the result of eating a diet that does not include enough foods that supply the healthy amount of vitamin B12 that you need to maintain your health. The symptoms include such things as being overly fatigued all the time, feelings of weakness, paranoia and sometimes even becoming delirious. B12 vitamin efficiency symptoms also include having damaged nerves and pernicious anemia as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome otherwise known as CFS.

Severe B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms can also result in

  • tingly or numbness in the hands and feet
  • insomnia
  • memory loss
  • dizziness
  • depression
  • loss of balance
  • irregular heartbeat
  • ringing in the ears(tinnitus}
  • headaches
  • problems with your eyes
  • inflammation of the tongue
  • enlarged liver
  • hallucinations

The most common if the B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms is being anemic. People who are anemic often feel tired and weak and feel like they just do not have enough energy. Individuals with vitamin B12 deficiency also have a tendency to experience nausea, constipation and flatulence (gas). Other individuals with vitamin B12 efficiency may also experience a loss of appetite and excessive weight loss.

Nowadays it is rare to see people who have B12 vitamin deficiencies symptoms unless they are among the older American population and not eating correctly. Statistics are now showing that up to 25% Americans over 80 years old experience B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms. People who eat diets that are low in vitamin B12 will typically have elevated homocysteine levels. This is an amino acid that has been connected with heart disease, Fibromyalgia and CFS. Studies are now indicating that some people who have too little vitamin B12 can also suffer from Alzheimer disease as well. Well-known studies have also established that people who are deficient in vitamin B12 are two times more likely to suffer from depression than the average citizen. It has also been established that B12 plays an important role in maintaining healthy brain functioning and chemical balance in the brain.

People who are experiencing B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms often think they are just overworked and run down or else they think their symptoms are natural part of aging. However if you are getting in enough vitamin B12 in your diet you should not be experiencing these symptoms, no matter how old you are. Eating a balanced diet with foods that are rich in B12 is beneficial to both your bodily health and a positive mental outlook. Foods rich in vitamin B12 include organ meats, dairy products, eggs, fish beef and pork.

Vitamin B12 will keep your immune system functioning at optimum levels and will help protect you from various illnesses and diseases. If you are dangerously low in vitamin B12 your doctor can give you vitamin B12 injections to bring it up to healthy levels. You can also take vitamin B12 supplements.

Vitamin B12 is extremely important in maintaining healthy red blood cells. In fact many experts believe that this is the most important function of vitamin B 12. Another important function that vitamin B12 plays in the body is that it helps the production of the outer layer of protective covering for your nerves. This is why nerve damage and poor brain functioning are obvious symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. If you are experiencing B12 vitamin deficiency symptoms then you should talk to your medical doctor about taking supplements or getting a B12 injection as well as eating more foods high in B12.

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    I tend to feel tired and think a vitamin B shot will help. I have had a coronary stent placed in 2003. Currently I am experiencing heart palpitations which occur infrequently. Does this present any contraindications for having the Vitamin B shot today?

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