Vanadyl sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate is a compound of vanadium. Vanadium is a trace mineral that is found in various fish and vegetables. It is often praised as the best source of vanadium due to the high stability of the compound. Vanadyl sulfate is sometimes found in dietary supplements and medications. Vanadyl sulfate offers the same effects that are found in insulin but it is not a dietary requirement. The human body does not require any vanadium at all. If too much of it is consumed then it could become toxic and lead to serious fatigue issues. Furthermore, those that take vanadyl supplements may be subject to fatigue as a side effect due to this characteristic of the mineral.

What Does Vanadyl Sulfate Do?
It is believed that vanadyl sulfate will assist the body in building tissues and will effectively help with muscle building. This is said to be accomplished due to the fact that vanadyl sulfate provides processing of amino acids and glucose to muscles very quickly. It also provides an increase in insulin levels which will help with the tissue growth. Vanadyl sulfate is most commonly found as a dietary supplement which is marketed for muscle building.

Does Vanadyl Sulfate Work?
Vanadyl sulfate will work for what it is said to be able to accomplish. However, vanadyl sulfate is most commonly marketed as a muscle building supplement. If you are curious as to whether it will work for this task or not then you should look at the results that others have noticed. For the most part there is no thing that backs up vanadyl sulfate supplements as a worthwhile product for muscle growth. The results that are noticed may vary by person but you have to remember that there is no directly correlation between increased muscle mass and vanadyl sulfate.

Most studies that have been completed for vanadyl sulfate as a muscle building supplement have only been done on rats. This means that there is no solid evidence that vanadyl sulfate will provide great results for humans. However, there was a study on vanadyl sulfate that was done on humans. This will not be a large enough sample size to get a great idea on how effect the supplement is but it does help.

What the Study Discovered
The study provided quite a bit of information. First off, the study discovered that there was no serious link between body mass growth and vanadyl sulfate intake. Additionally, the study found that a fifth of the participants noticed extreme fatigue during and post-workout while using the vanadyl sulfate supplement. This partially backs up the previously mentioned side effect of fatigue as the intake of a vanadyl sulfate supplement can lead to too much of it in the body.

In this particular study there were 40 participants which stayed on the supplement for three months. It was noted that most of the participants noticed a significant amount of muscle growth during the study period. The gains that were accomplished may not have been caused by using the vanadyl sulfate supplement though.

There is no further information on the participants of the study so there are too many variables to determine whether the supplement had a major affect on muscle gain or not. For instance, if most or all of the participants had never worked out before then they would experience massive gains during the first three months anyway.

Final Verdict? Are Vanadyl Sulfate Supplements Worth Buying?
There may be some benefits to having a vanadyl sulfate supplement in your diet but none of them will have a serious affect on your muscle growth progress. Vanadyl sulfate is really only marketed as a muscle building supplement so there is no other major reason to consider investing in it. If you are looking for a supplement to use for muscle building then you have a lot of better supplements to choose from.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a dietary supplement for muscle growth then you should look for an alternative to vanadyl sulfate as it will not provide great results for the vast majority of individuals that use it.

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