UV teeth whitening

A perfect smile with the whitest possible teeth is extremely desirable in today’s modern society. Teeth naturally become darker as one gets older. The food we eat and liquids we drink, like coffee or tea, can stain our teeth. Many people use tobacco which can stain teeth as well. Stained and yellow teeth are a lot less acceptable today so more and more people are fixated on the desire to have their teeth whitened. Ads abound for tooth whitening products. One quick and easy way to get teeth their whitest is to go to the dentist for UV teeth whitening procedures.

UV tooth whitening involves a process of whitening teeth with a bleaching gel, usually made from hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, and UV light rays. UV teeth whitening treatments can take as little as one hour and you can get your teeth whitened up to 10 shades whiter with these treatments. The bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and then UV rays are used which activate the gel. The UV light enables oxygen to penetrate the teeth which makes them whiter. Most dental offices now offer UV teeth whitening services and you will not have trouble finding these UV teeth whitening services in most communities. UV teeth whitening should only be done by an experienced dentist.

There are some advantages to getting your teeth whitened this way. There are also some disadvantages you should be aware of. One of the major disadvantages of getting your teeth whitened this way is the fact that UV rays can burn the gums. The FDA has received a lot of complaints from patients who have experienced burned gums resulting from UV teeth whitening procedures. Some patients experience sensitive teeth and gums after laser whitening treatments and report sensitivity to cold and hot foods afterward. The cost of UV teeth whitening procedures can vary from several hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars per treatment. Most dental insurances will not cover the costs because it is a cosmetic procedure so you should be prepared to pay for these procedures out of pocket. UV teeth whitening is the most expensive of the teeth whitening options. There are various other less expensive options that you can do at home.

Since most dental offices offer these procedures you won’t have to travel a long distance to get it done. The procedure only takes an hour in the dental office, but the whitening effects can last up to a year. Your dentist will give you instructions on how to maintain your teeth whitening effects. When you go in for UV teeth whitening the dentist will place a rubber dam in the mouth to protect your gums. The dentist will then quickly and carefully paint on the whitening gel and then apply the laser light. The patient sits with the teeth exposed to the UV light for an hour. Most patients do not experience any negative side effects so this is a relatively safe procedure for most people. More than one treatment can be given for teeth that have stubborn stains as well. People who smoke or drink coffee will be able to enjoy whiter teeth with laser whitening.

UV teeth whitening has been gaining in popularity. It is sometimes referred to as “power whitening”. The UV laser speeds up the whitening process which makes this the fastest way to whiten teeth and give immediate results. Keep in mind that UV teeth whitening is not permanent. The whitening effect can last up to one year if you care for your teeth correctly afterwards. Children under the age of 16 and pregnant women should not under go this kind of teeth whitening procedure.

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