UTI natural treatment

Having a urinary tract infection (UTI) is painful, uncomfortable and inconvenient. The condition is caused by bacteria in your urine which results in an infection. The most well known infection of this kind is probably cystitis. This is very uncomfortable and makes it painful to pass urine, however you often feel the need to go to toilet even though you can not pass anything.

Often, once you have contracted this condition, you become more susceptible to it and find yourself getting UTIs more regularly. You should consult your doctor for advice however there are also a great number of UTI natural treatment methods. These home remedies can help relieve symptoms, clear up the infection and prevent you from catching an infection again.

Cranberries are a must have UTI natural treatment. These are easy to fit into your treatment plan as you can have them in a number of ways. If you like the taste of cranberry juice then a simple glass of cranberry juice once a day will really help, or you could get fresh cranberry fruits to snack on or bake with. This however isn’t to everyone’s taste so health shops now stock cranberry tablets which give you the same benefits. Cranberries are high in acidity and fiber which makes them great for fighting a UTI.

Apple cider vinegar is also one of the little known UTI natural treatments. It actually works as a natural antibiotic which attacks E.coli. It is also packed full of enzymes and potassium which help fight off any infections. You should drink some of this each day mixed with a teaspoon of honey and around 8 ounces of warm water, which makes it a bit easier to drink.

There are also foods that can make the symptoms of a urinary infection worse and so should be avoided. These foods are ones that have a high acid content. Examples of these would be: chocolate; tea and coffee; fruits such as oranges, pineapple, strawberries and tomatoes; chicken and steak.

Increasing the amount of fiber in our diet is a great way of fighting off an infection and preventing one. You should have for foods that have at least 4gms of fiber per serving. Examples of some of these foods are:

Food (Fiber per serving)

  • Blackberries/Raspberries: 4 to 5gms
  • Sweet Corn:  5gms
  • Potatoes: 4-5gms
  • Green or Black Eyed Peas: 7-9gms
  • Carrots or Broccoli: 4-5gms
  • Bread (whole-wheat):   6-7

As you can see, the range of foods available is high means it is simple and easy to fit them into your every day diet.

If you want to try taking supplements to boost your chances of avoiding/curing your urinary infection then you should go for either parsley tablets and/or vitamin C tablets. Both of these support healthy immune system functioning so that you can fight off infection more effectively.

Perhaps the best and certainly the cheapest method of natural treatments is water. We know that drinking 6-8 glasses of water each can help our body in a number of ways. Making sure that we keep this up while we have an infection will force us to go to the toilet to pass urine and therefore flush out the infection much quicker than if we avoided drinking water altogether.

As you can see although a urinary tract infection can be uncomfortable and painful there are many known ways to help fight off the infection. You should always seek medical advice, however these methods listed above have been used by a great number of people with very positive results. If you keep up these natural treatments then you will stand the best chance of avoiding a UTI all together.

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