United Concordia Dental Insurance

Although many Americans now carry health insurance, dental insurance is most often a separate policy and may or may not be offered by their place of employment. One of the dental insurance companies that offers dental insurance in all 50 states across the country is United Concordia Dental Insurance. There are plans for individuals as well as groups, and the website is dedicated to serving the community both with affordable dental insurance plans as well as with information on oral health.

About the Company

United Concordia has been in business for more than 40 years serving members, employers, producers, dentists, individuals and the community across the United States. They have affordable rates with flexible benefit options and members have access to more than 110,000 in-network dentists who participate in the Advantage Plus network. If a member’s dentist is not part of the United Concordia network of providers, the member can nominate his or her doctor to become a participating practitioner. The company has gone so far as to become certified with the Department of Defense to protect the security of any information gathered in the application and member processes. Currently United Concordia can boast over 8 million members across the United States and the company is committed to providing excellent customer service across the board.

Key Features of Dental Coverage

Unlike other insurance providers, there are no preexisting exclusions with United Concordia Dental Insurance. The only exception to this is if there are any orthodontic procedures in progress when the policy was bound. Also, there are no forms to fill out when members visit the dentist. It is simply a matter of identifying themselves as a member of United Concordia and the participating dentist fills out all the necessary paperwork to be submitted for payment. Each time a member visits the dentist he/she will receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) which explains what was covered and to what extent. Unlike other dental plans there are no limits. There are, however, deductibles that are chosen when enrolling in the plan and the great thing about this particular insurance plan is that each family member can choose his or her own dentist.

User Friendly Website
Whether you are a member or looking to find affordable dental insurance for yourself, your family or your employees, the United Concordia website is user friendly and easy to navigate. There is a wealth of information on dental health and hygiene that can be browsed through for both adults and children and a special search area where you can find a dentist in your area. Simply fill in the required fields and a list of dentists and/or dental clinics will be provided for you to choose from. Also, any form you may require is on the site in cross-platform pdf format, so there is no need to hunt for your policy and/or paperwork every time you need to get your hands on a form or schedule of payments. There is an area for members, employers, producers, individuals and dentists where specific information is provided for specific needs.

Companies like United Concordia that have been doing business for almost a half century can provide dental insurance to the average consumer at rates that are affordable. The problem is that many of us don’t know that there are dental insurance plans that we can purchase separate from coverage offered by our places of employment. There is no need to go without dental insurance and it is advisable that every person have at least minimum coverage as there is a direct correlation between dental disease and other illnesses that can have serious consequences if left untreated. If you are considering dental insurance, United Concordia is a good place to start.

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