Triglycerides too high

Triglycerides are basically the fatty deposits which are stored in the body. The carbohydrate in the body is converted into glucose to produce cellular energy. Any excess amount of this glucose is transported to the liver where it gets converted into glycogen and is stored as an important source of energy in muscles. Once your muscles reaches its maximum capacity of glycogen storage, the excess quantity is send back to liver where it takes the form of triglycerides and is stored as fat.

Having elevated triglycerides leads to various risks associated with health which include kidney failure, diabetes, obesity and many others. Excess levels can also lead to thickening of the blood which gives it a sludgy consistency. This condition further increases the chances of blood clotting and blockage which ultimately leads to heart attack. Thus it is very important to monitor and maintain proper levels of these fatty deposits in the body.

Various measures can be taken in order to control the situation when triglycerides are too high. These measures include a combination of exercise, diet changes, medication and overall improvement of life style.

Reducing calories
Excess calories in the body are converted into triglycerides and are stored as fat. Thus reduce your calorie intake and select the food items which are low in calorie count to maintain healthy and fit body.

Lose excess weight
Weight gain is one of the major reasons which cause the triglycerides levels in the body to rise. So just motivate yourself to shed away your excess pounds by focusing on various additional benefits like improved health and enhanced energy.

Limiting cholesterol in diet
Limit the intake of cholesterol in your diet to 300mg and if you suffer from any heart disease then to 200mg. Concentrated sources of cholesterol like whole milk products, egg yolk and meats which are high in saturated fat should be completely avoided until your cholesterol levels have stabilized.

Avoid refined and sugary food
Simple carbohydrates like sugar and food items made with wheat flour can increase the insulin production in the body and thus can also increase the level of triglycerides in the body. They also provide little actual nutrition so should be avoided or at least limited.

Eliminate the trans-fat from your diet
Trans-fats are mainly found in most of the baked products like snack cakes, cookies and crackers. Rried food is also a rich source of trans-fats which is unhealthy for the body and leads to the situation of high triglycerides.

Alcoholic beverages should be avoided
Alcohol has potent effect on triglycerides as it is high in sugar and calories. Thus alcohol consumption should be avoided to prevent various ailments and keep yourself healthy and fit.

Exercise is the key
Along with careful selection of food, regular exercise also plays an important role in maintaining the correct level of triglycerides in the body. Regular exercise for 30 minutes in a day helps in boosting the good cholesterol and lowers down the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Swim laps, brisk walks, group exercise and aerobics are effective ways of exercising.


Medication is prescribed by the doctor for reducing triglyceride levels when the changes in lifestyle, proper eating habits and exercise are not enough to control the situation. Some of the most effective medicines include fibrates or niacin. The medicines must be taken as per the prescription and a healthy lifestyle should also be followed along with it. Various dietary supplements are also available in the market which helps to regulate the levels of triglycerides in the body, keeps a check on your cholesterol and promotes healthy heart and circulatory system.

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