Trichinosis treatment

Trichinosis occurs as a result of a parasite colonizing in animal bodies. It is most common in pigs and wild animals. The parasite is called trichina roundworm and it leads to the trichinella infection. This is a very rare and serious medical condition. It used to be more common before the proper safety measures were taken when dealing with food but now it is very uncommon. If the condition is experienced then there could be a substantial amount of damage done to nerve tissues and this could be possibly fatal as well.

A trichinella infection can lead to serious brain damage, going into a coma, and possible death as a result of the damage done by the infection. Cooking wild meats at a temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit can prevent trichinosis.

How Trichinosis Starts
This disease always forms from animals such as the pig. The animal obtains a larval form of the trichina roundworm from the food that it eats. After a couple of days a more matured form of the trichina roundworm will develop and stay situated within the intestinal tract. After this occurs, the larvae will be sent into the bloodstream and relocate to the muscles of the animal. Next, the larvae will enclose itself as a cyst and suspend it while surviving for as long as ten years in the same condition.

The condition could be safe to live with for the animal but it can develop into a much more serious issue as well. The problem that could occur would be existent if the trichina roundworms relocate to the central nervous system. Once the trichina roundworms reach the nervous system they will not survive but while dying they will cause a sufficient amount of damage to be potentially fatal.

How to Treat Trichinosis
The best way to treat trichinosis is to target the larval trichina roundworms before they reach the muscle. After a week of consuming meat that is contaminated with trichina roundworms you must use a benzimidazole drug such as albendazole or thiabendazole. You will want to continue administering this type of drug at the recommended dosage for anywhere from one to two weeks.

By using a benzimidazole drug you will be able to prevent the larval roundworms from taking over various parts of your body and worsening the condition. Also, it is important to note that thiabendazole will have no affect on any larval tissues. If there is a contamination of the larval tissues then your main goal when treating it will be to reduce the amount of damage done to the muscles.

Besides the use of a benzimidazole drug, you will also want to make sure that you get plenty of rest and use some form of pain relief medication and fever medication. If the infection is severe enough then you may want to consider using Prednisone at a safe dosage. This is because Prednisone is much more effective at treating this condition. This drug would only be suggested if the condition is at a more severe state, especially if it is affecting the nervous or cardiac systems. You may also want to look into steroid use to treat the inflammation but there are some issues with this treatment method that you have to factor in before deciding whether to use it or not.

Diet Modifications to Prevent Trichinosis
There are no specific restrictions that have been said to make treating trichinosis easier. However, diet changes could help prevent you and your loved ones from experiencing trichinosis. Basically, you should educate yourself on how meats should be cooked properly to prevent any contamination from affecting you. There are some safe-cooking tips that may come in handy so do some research on this for future reference.

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, trichinosis is a condition that may not be preventable for most people and once it occurs it could be possibly fatal. If you do not know how to take the proper precautions when preparing meats then it would be suggested that you educate yourself on that subject. If you do happen to get trichinosis then you should start treating it immediately with benzimidazole drugs, pain relief medication, fever medication, and a lot of bed rest. The condition can go away safely but it needs the proper treatment for it to not develop into something much more serious.

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