Tramadol HCL

Tramadol is a pain relief medication that has neurological effects which result in pain relief throughout the body. This pain killer is not a narcotic so it can be used for extensive treatment without the possible of Tramadol usage growing into a drug addiction. This is one of the stronger pain killers that is not classified as a narcotic. Tramadol HCL is similar to Tramadol however the formula for Tramadol HCL allows it to be used as an extended release drug.

Extended Release
Almost all the information on Tramadol and Tramadol HCL will be the same. The only real differences will be the dosage amount and how your body processes it upon ingestion. The extended release allows you to take a single capsule early in the day and slowly release throughout the day. Your body will always have enough of the drug for it to be effective and it eliminates the need to take multiple pills each day. As already mentioned, the dosage amounts will be different between Tramadol and Tramadol HCL. As this drug uses the extended release method when ingested it is possible for the capsules to have higher dosage amounts. Normal Tramadol tablets are available in 50mg and 100mg doses. Tramadol HCL capsules are available in 100-400mg (100mg intervals) doses.

Using Tramadol HCL
The significance of Tramadol HCL is that it is an extended release medication. If you were to use a 400mg capsule in the morning it could easily last you 24 hours. If you used the normal Tramadol (non-extended release) pills then you could have to take another tablet every five hours or so. The main advantage of Tramadol HCL really is the convenience factor. They are the same drug and will have basically the same effects but the extended release version is much easier to use.

There are a few situations where you may want to choose one form of Tramadol over the other. For instance, the standard Tramadol pills would be better if you wish to take a pill when the pain begins to be noticeable. On the other hand, Tramadol HCL can be taken in the morning and it will work all throughout the day.

Tramadol vs. Tramadol HCL – Which is Better?
Tramadol HCL definitely prospers for the most part as it is much more convenient. Some people may have difficulties taking a pill every four to six hours each day. With Tramadol HCL capsules you are only required to take a single pill every morning. Therefore, in most cases, Tramadol HCL is by far the better of the two.

There are always circumstances where Tramadol HCL would not be as good of a choice. If you are only experiencing irregular pain then you may not want to use the medication every day. With the standard Tramadol tablets you can take them just when they are needed. Also, Tramadol is a bit less expensive in comparison but the cost difference is not major. Tramadol HCL will cost you roughly $15 to $20 per 30 tablets.

Final Verdict
For anyone living with chronic pain, Tramadol HCL could be the answer to their problems. Many people that suffer from frequent pain end up using narcotic pain killers (such as morphine pills) and these can be addictive. Tramadol is by far a much better choice when looking for a safe drug to use for pain relief.

Ultimately, Tramadol HCL is the preferable choice for anyone with constant pain. You will likely be experiencing mild to severe pain all throughout the day. This can be minimized or prevented by using Tramadol HCL. If you know that you will always need the medication then it would be worth using the extended release version. Standard Tramadol should just be considered for those with irregular pain or when dealing with pain caused by an injury that will likely go away in a matter of time.

Lastly, while Tramadol and Tramadol HCL are not narcotic drugs they are still very potent. You will have to be careful and make sure that you always take the correct dosage. Find out about the side effects of the drug and make sure you will not have any complications with using it. You should also speak with your doctor before using Tramadol or Tramadol HCL so you can get a professional opinion on the matter.

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