Toothache home remedies

A toothache can be a very painful condition. A toothache happens when a tooth has decayed. In most cases, a dental visit can take care of the situation but it may take some time to get an appointment to see a dental professional. Additionally, a toothache often happens at times when we cannot get into a dentist’s office to get the situation diagnosed. So here are some great home remedies to relieve the pain and inflammation of a toothache temporarily. This will give you some much needed relief the next time a nasty tooth tries to make your life miserable.

The first home remedy that we will discuss for toothaches today is garlic. Garlic is one of the most versatile herbs on the market today. Everyone has garlic in their kitchen at one point and time for cooking. When a toothache starts, take a small clove of garlic and dip it in rock salt. Place the clove on the affected tooth. This will soothe the toothache and may even take care of any infection that is present. Garlic has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The salt improves circulation to that area of the mouth which helps the bloodstream get antibodies to the area and remove bacteria and toxins from the affected area more quickly.

The next home remedy for toothaches that we will discuss is cloves. A small amount of ground cloves or even a small clove pod placed on an area that is hurting in the mouth will immediately numb the area for several hours. Clove oil may be used on an area of a toothache in the same manner as well. Cloves have powerful antiseptic qualities so this will help to kill bacteria in the area of the mouth or tooth that is affected. Cloves can be chewed on a daily basis to help improve the health of the teeth and gums as a preventative measure if a person is inclined to do so.

Late research has shown that chewing a raw onion for three minutes a day every day will help to prevent tooth decay and help to promote a healthy mouth, teeth and gums. Chewing the onion helps to kill all of the bacteria that is present in the mouth. The mouth contains one of the highest sources of bacteria in the body. You can also place a small amount of onion on an area that has an infected tooth or toothache to soothe the area and remove infection in that area as well.

Wheat grass juice is another great home remedy for toothaches and a preventative for tooth decay in general. The juice should be gargled each day twice daily to use as a preventative to promote oral health. Chewing wheat grass and placing a small amount of the chewed grass on an area of infected or inflamed gums or teeth will help to reduce the inflammation and infection in that area of the mouth.

Proper diet and dental care is extremely important when discussing oral care and hygiene. A healthy diet should be eaten each day while avoiding foods that are extremely high in sugar, fats and acids. These types of foods are extremely hard on the enamel of the teeth and tend to cause tooth decay. Dental visits with regular examinations should be done on a twice yearly basis to help promote good dental health. Doing all of these things will help keep your mouth, teeth and gums in the best condition that they can be. However if you do find yourself in a bind with a toothache that won’t go away, you can use these great home remedies to relieve your pain until you can get to your dentist!

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