Tinnitus causes

Tinnitus is a condition where there is ringing in the ears. There may be other noises like hissing, whistling, buzzing or a sound similar to steam. Over 35 million Americans suffer with tinnitus. The term tinnitus comes from the Latin word “tinnire”. This word means to ring or tinkle a bell. Most people complain that the noise is so great that they can not sleep at night.

Tinnitus is a signal that something is wrong with the auditory system. The exact cause of tinnitus is not known. There may be more than one cause such as listening to loud music or because of damage to the nerves in the inner ear due to a virus or ear infection. Tinnitus can be experienced as a single episode or it may be ongoing and permanent. The ringing may be heard in only one ear for some people. In others, the ringing can be heard in both ears. Other causes of tinnitus may be a trauma to the head or being exposed to gun shot noise at a close proximity. Long term exposure to loud noises is thought to be the main cause of tinnitus. For example, if you work around noisy welding equipment, around power saws all day or near jackhammers, power mowers, snow blowers etc. Loud sustained noises from power boats, drag cars, snow mobiles etc. can also be a one of the tinnitus causes.

Some other suspected tinnitus causes are certain illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, Meniere’s disease. Heavy wax build up in the ears can cause ringing. Certain medications you take can have ringing of the ears listed as a side effect. A tumor in the inner ear may be another one of the causes. Also, as people age they experience loss of hearing along with tinnitus. People who take too many aspirins can develop tinnitus as well.

The cause for tinnitus symptoms should be evaluated by your medical doctor. If you have persistent ringing your doctor should rule out potentially dangerous health conditions that may be causing it. Treatment for ringing in the ears can depend on the cause of it. Your doctor will not be able to treat it unless he discovers the cause. This is why a medical evaluation is important. There are certain medications that have been known to cause tinnitus. Taking birth control pills can even cause this condition. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have also caused tinnitus in some people who take this medication a lot. Certain antibiotics can also be a cause for ringing in the ears.

An overdose of aspirin may cause a permanent case of tinnitus. You should always take over the counter medications only as prescribed. Some people claim that high caffeine consumption can cause tinnitus. A thyroid deficiency may be causing tinnitus for some patients as well. As mentioned early, one cause may be a tumor in the ear. This kind of tumor is called an acoustic neuroma. These tumors are usually benign and can develop between the vestibular and cochlear nerve. The vestibular and cochlear nerve is also referred to as the 8th vestibular-cochlear nerve. In these cases the ringin is only on one side and not in both ears. In these cases the tumor can be removed successfully. However, if the tumor is large there may be permanent damage to the ear and the potential for hearing loss. If you are experiencing tinnitus you should see your doctor for a full medical evaluation. There are certain herbal supplements that claim to help reduce tinnitus. You can find these supplements in your local health food stores and online.

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