Testosterone patch

There are many men who do not have enough testosterone in their body for numerous reasons. They may suffer from testosterone deficiency from birth or it may develop later as the body is unable to produce a sufficient quantity of testosterone; a disease known as Hypogonadism. However, they have nothing to fear as now there is a solution. Testosterone patches are now available to provide the necessary amounts of the male hormone to those who have little or even no testosterone in their system.

Having low testosterone is not healthy for males. First of all, this is the hormone that separate men from women. It gives men their masculinity and male characteristics. Low levels of testosterone are also responsible for making men have a weak sex drive and may even cause impotency. Aside from characteristic faults, it can also have an effect on the overall energy of men and can be responsible for causing depression.

There are two forms of testosterone patches with different ways of applying them, with the difference being in the skin they are applied on. One of the testosterone patches is called Testoderm. They are used by applying them on the scrotum on a regular basis. The patch will not be effective on any other body part as the skin is the thinnest on the scrotum. Also, the greatest efficiency can be achieved by keeping the scrotum clean. This means it should be well shaved and kept dry. The dosage of this patch is rather extensive as it must be applied for at least 22 hours of the day; though it is best if it is kept on for the whole 24 hours.

The other testosterone patch is called Androderm. It may be applied on the abdomen, back and even on the limbs such as around the upper arm and thighs. The difference between these patches and testoderm patches is that androderm patches cannot be applied on the scrotum. A few other areas that should not be used are areas that are usually put under pressure while working or resting. Skin that is close to the bone such as the shoulders are also better left alone. The patch should be applied on different areas on each dose and areas used once should not be used again before one week.

The doctor will prescribe when and how many patches should be used per dose. Usually, patches are applied at night before going to sleep and placed on the required area as soon as it is removed from its cover. It is vital that the skin the patch is applied on is clean and no forms of infections or diseases are present on it. Missed doses are taken care of by applying the patch whenever it is remembered and the dose should be skipped if it is almost time for the next one. Two doses should never be combined if one is missed as overdosing is very dangerous and may have fatal side effects.

On the topic of side effects, testosterone patches may include a few and vary depending on the patient. For younger males, using testosterone patches may stimulate the breasts to enlarge. For older men, there is a risk of prostate cancer. It may also affect people who suffer from any form of heart, liver or kidney disease such as resulting in congestive heart failure or retaining vital fluids. These patches should never be used by women under any circumstances and people with prostate problems are under the risk of prostate cancer.

Like all other forms of medication, testosterone patches should never be used without consulting a doctor. Individuals should discuss their medical history such as previous medications and any surgery. They should also let the doctor know of any allergies. There may be a chance that the patch may not be suitable for an individual in which case it must be avoided.

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