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If you experience chronic pain you have probably heard of the TENS machine, and if you haven’t you will want to! In some situations pain killers and other chronic pain management therapies just are not an option or they do not work as they should. In these cases the patient is looking for some other way to manage their pain, and the TENS Machine is a possible option. The machine is known to ease pain, although the evidence to support the theory behind the TENS machine is underwhelming. Despite the underwhelming evidence, the TENS Machine is very popular with chronic pain patients.

The TENS Machine is quite controversial as the studies using them have provided conflicting results. In some studies the conclusion is that they do not work at all. In other studies the results are that the machines seem to help some people. What is clear is that further research is needed to better understand their role and effect in pain management and pain treatment.

The TENS Machine is also referred to as the a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine. The machine essentially delivers small electrical pulses to the body through electrodes that are placed on the skin. Transcutaneous is a fancy way of saying through the skin. The TENS Machine will deliver these little electrical pulses to the body through the skin. The machine is thought to affect the way the pain signals are sent to the brain. If you are able to intercept the messages from the nerves to the brain, you may be able to relieve pain.

The machine is actually thought to work in a couple of different ways. The first way, the machine is set to a high pulse rate and it has been suggested that it triggers the “pain gate” of the body to close. The idea is that when the non pain carrying nerves are stimulated they can close the pain signals from the nerves that actually transmit the pain. Therefore, the machine is stimulating the non pain carrying nerves, blocking the pain messages sent to the brain, so the pain is never felt. This is the most commonly used method of pain treatment via the TENS Machine.

The machine can also be set on a low pulse rate. When set on the lower pulse rate, it is thought that the TENS Machine will stimulate the body, encouraging it to make its own endorphins. The endorphins are important to pain management because they help to block pain signals, essentially being a natural pain killer found within the body. While not as common as the first method, this has also proven to be very successful for many different patients.

The TENS Machine has been used by countless patients to help reduce their pain. Those who have pain in the muscles, joins, and nerves usually have the most successful treatments. Those who have pain in the chest, head, or abdomen area often do not see much, if any, improvement with the machines. Luckily, those who do use the TENS Machine do not experience any side effects that are common with medications. There are some people who should not use the machines. These people include those who have pain that is not diagnosed, those who are pregnant, patients with pacemakers, epilepsy, or heart disease.

Using the TENS Machine is very simple if you follow all of the instructions that come with the machine. The benefit of the machine is that you can use them while you go about your life, meaning you can tuck the machine into a pocket and go on your way. To get started you will need to make sure that the machine is off. Place the electrode pads around the affected area and then carefully turn it on. You should feel a mild tingling sensation on the surface of the skin. The treatments should last at least 45 minutes but can be used safely for up to 12 hours.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Does tens machines help loose weight ? i got told that it send a shock to the muscle and broke fat tissue away is that true??

    • tauraus reed says:

      You are refering to the electronic muscle stimulator or (ems) and it does not help with weight lost but it help with muscle toning.

  2. chewypr says:

    Does this tens machine help get rid of cellulitis?

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