Teeth whitening gel

Everyone wants to look their best and having a bright smile because of super white teeth is one way to look better. Many people go in for professional teeth whitening now that it is possible. Professional teeth whitening can be very expensive. Teeth whitening gel that you use at home is one way to get a noticeably brighter smile. Teeth can discolor and stain as you age or as a result of your lifestyle, diet and environment. Teeth whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide based or carbamide peroxide based whitening gel. It is used by many professionals and is now available for home use. People have the option to use the home product to whiten their teeth without the cost and inconvenience that you have to go thru to get your teeth whitened by a dentist. The gel can be applied regularly to your teeth for quick and safe results.

Teeth whitening gel works by bleaching surface stains and deeper stains that can happen in the tooth enamel. The gel has been specifically formulated to make teeth whiter. The bleaching agents in the gel that get deep in the tooth enamel can change the natural color of your teeth and make them much whiter. The gels that only remove the surface only make the teeth only appear to be whiter.

One quick and easy way to use teeth whitening gel is to apply the gel with a whitening pen. The gel can be dispensed directly onto your tooth. This type of teeth whitening gel is perfect to use when other methods prove to be inconvenient. You can carry the teeth whitening gel pin in your purse or pocket and use it whenever you need too. The pens typically contain a 5.25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. They are strong enough to penetrate to the tooth enamel to remove stains beneath the surface. The teeth whitening pens are not like the whitening strips. Teeth whitening strips can only whiten the front of the teeth. This leaves the sides untouched and still stained. The teeth whitening pen has a brush that can be used to get the gel in hard to reach places. Teeth whitening gel will get your teeth whiter but you should not expect them to be as dazzling white as you see them on paid advertisements for the products.

Before you purchase teeth whitening products you should take into consideration the level of whitening you need. You can consult with your regular dentist or a cosmetic dentist about which bleach or gels they recommend. Once you start using whitening gel you should apply it twice a day. The bleach will whiten your teeth over time. It usually takes about two weeks to begin seeing results. Some people see results in a few days however. It can take up to four months before you get the full benefit and see the best results.

There are a few concerns you should know about that can come up because of using teeth whitening gel. You should understand the risks and consequences. Make sure you talk to your dentist about the pros and cons of using teeth whitening gel. Some dental problems can arise from using these gels. For instance, teeth whitening gel can cause your teeth to become sensitive to heat and cold. You can begin to experience pain while eating because of this sensitivity. Teeth whitening gel may remove small portions of teeth enamel over time. This can cause teeth to become weak and be more susceptible to breakage, tooth decay and tooth loss. People who believe they will benefit from an approved personal appearance because of having whiter teeth should take these risks into consideration before using teeth whitening gel and other teeth whitening products.

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