Yeast infection

Yeast infection cream

If you are female, chances are you have contracted a yeast infection at least once in your lifetime. Though they are common, yeast infections are rarely a topic of dinner table conversation for many good reasons. For one, they often involve the female genitals, which are rarely a topic of polite conversation, and secondly, there […]

Treatment for candida albicans

Candida is yeast found in the body that is naturally occurring. This yeast is typically found in the throat, mouth, genitourinary tract and intestines. Without a properly functioning immune system or when friendly bacteria are absent from the body, the system’s balance will be off and Candida may begin to overgrow resulting in candida albicans. […]

Male yeast infection treatment

It can often come as quite a surprise that men too can suffer from a yeast infection. This is a condition that is fairly common in women, and typically caused by a man. However a male yeast infection is probably far more common than you think. For a woman this condition is usually caused by […]

Candida symptoms

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is present in every human body. Sometimes an overgrowth of Candida can cause what is called a yeast infection to develop. Candida symptoms can develop when your immune system is compromised or by eating unhealthy foods like too many sugars and carbohydrates. Candida symptoms can also appear […]

Yeast infection remedies

Yeast infections are often rife in both men and women however one of the most common forms is a vaginal yeast infection. This is typically caused by a fungus called Candida albicans which may be found in small amounts around the vagina. It is actually estimated that up to 75% of women will have a […]

Candida treatment for men

Believe it or not, that yeast you use to make bread and other baked goods as well as to ferment your alcohol is actually a fungus. Yeast in itself is an overly simplified term used to discuss many different uni-cellular sub species. In fact there are 1,500 different species of yeast in the world. The […]

Thrush symptoms

The name of thrush refers to a fungal infection of the mouth. However, the title of thrush is used when the same fungi, namely Candida Albicans, infects the genital area of women. In some rare cases, male genital thrush can also appear. When it comes to oral thrush symptoms, they are very similar from patient […]

Yeast infection symptoms

Yeast is a type of fungus with the scientific name Candida. A fungal infection occurring due to yeast is termed as Candidiasis. These infections may be superficial or lead to fatal diseases in patients suffering from AIDS or cancer. While the latter occurs in a minority of people, the former type of infection is more […]

Thrush treatment

Truth is the term for an oral yeast infection. The condition involves candida fungus growing inside of your mouth. Thrush is often triggered by a poor immune system. The condition is usually not very serious but it can be very annoying and unappealing. Also, treatment for thrush is necessary but the remedies are very simple […]

Monistat cream

Monistat cream is a product sold in pharmacies and drug stores for the treatment of vaginal yeast infections, also known as vaginal thrush or by the scientific term, candidosis. As treatments for vaginal yeast infections go, Monistat cream is among the best known and most well trusted. Yeast infections, as many unfortunate people know, can […]

Candida diet

Candida albicans is a yeast that lives in either the digestive tract or the vagina. People that have this condition will need to maintain safe candida levels and part of doing so requires going on the candida diet. If you do not take proper precautions the yeast could develop to be much more severe so […]

Vaginal yeast infection

Any woman who is ever had a vaginal yeast infection can tell you exactly how uncomfortable it is. The itching and burning is intolerable. This type of infection can be extremely annoying as well as painful. A vaginal yeast infection can occur in females of all ages. It does not matter whether the woman or […]

Yeast infection treatment

For any woman that has ever suffered a yeast infection you know how frustrating it can be. Yeast infections can cause you to feel very uncomfortable and you may not even want to leave your house. Before discussing what type of treatments there are for yeast infections we should first gain an understanding of what […]