Weight loss surgery

Thigh lift

Women dread dimpled thighs. It’s really as simple as that. Speaking from a physical appearance perspective, it can’t get much worse than that. Unfortunately, some people are just destined to have them, and exercise and diet improvements can only do so much. There is a point when another step might be necessary. This is where […]

Tummy tuck surgery

Whether you’re a newly proud mother or have lost a considerable amount of weight, a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may be right for you if you want to get rid of that loose, saggy skin and tighten those muscles in your abdominal region. This cosmetic surgery will help your tummy look smoother and flatter; males and […]

Tumescent liposuction

For years, liposuction has been the chosen way to lose excess fat for many men and women. Traditionally, liposuction involved a very invasive procedure in which fatty deposits were removed surgically. Patients would require many weeks of recovery after these procedures. Today however, there are a number of less invasive liposuction procedures that can be […]

Laser liposuction

Tired of being subjected to teasing because you’re overweight? Dislike the way your nose protrudes from your face? Not to worry as there is an ultimate solution. Most of us are never happy with the way we look and always strive for what others have which we don’t have. But how can one get back […]

Weight loss surgery costs

There’s no doubt about it, Americans are getting fatter while the ideal of beauty – for both men and women – is getting skinner. This is in part due to human nature. After all, in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when few people had enough food to go around and everyone was skeletally thin, those […]

Gastric bypass complications

Severely obese people face an extreme battle when they decide to lose weight. Often, cutting calories has little affect on their weight, hormone imbalances impact their body’s ability to burn fat cells and exercise is a physical impossibility. Weight loss surgeries such as lap bands, stomach stapling and gastric bypass surgery is here to help. […]

Lap band surgery

Dealing with obesity can become a struggle that people deal with for years of their life. For some folks weight loss comes as a challenge and for others it can be achieved by the normal healthy diet and exercise routines. If you are one of the people that seemed to have tried everything and yet […]

Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is one of many options available for those categorized as obese. But weight loss surgery is not a miracle cure. It takes as much work to succeed in losing weight after weight loss surgery as it does to be successful losing weight through diet and exercise. The difference is that, with weight […]

Gastric bypass surgery

It is a well-known fact that obesity damages the body. It hurts the health of a person through its mechanically and metabolically adverse effects on normal functions of the body, not to mention the severe mental pain it brings. Those who suffer from excess weight and obesity now have an alternative to ordinary dieting — […]