Vegetarian diet

Vegan protein sources

Many people think that following a vegan diet means that there will be less than enough proteins available. But on the contrary, most of the foods that consist in a vegan diet contain proteins, and it will be rather difficult to form a vegan diet that has few proteins in it. Such diets are in […]

Vegan protein powder

Protein is crucial to the good heath of the human body. It is the body building component for bones, skin, cartilage, blood, and lean muscle tissue. Protein helps to construct and repair body tissues, and is also responsible to maintain healthy hair and nails. The human body requires protein to produce enzyme, hormones, and many […]

Vegetarian weight loss diet

Vegetarians on average eat less calories than those who eat meat. Researchers have found that on average vegetarians consume somewhere around 500 less calories on a daily basis while actually consuming more food! The percentage rates of vegans and vegetarians who are overweight is much less than those of their meat eating consumers. This leads […]

Vegan vitamins and minerals

Veganism can be a perfectly healthy alternative to eating; the key word being “can”. As with any diet, consumption of all the essential vitamins and minerals is necessary, but special attention must be paid with vegan diets because it is easier to become deficient in a vitamin or mineral when you severely restrict food sources. […]

Vegetarian bodybuilding diet

In many cases, the idea of being a vegetarian as well as a bodybuilder was shamefully ridiculed. Many people think the proteins that are required to build and tone muscles can only be found in meats. But what they do not know is that a healthy combination of many different foods, combined with a group […]

Raw vegan recipes

Whether you are just converting to veganism or you’ve been part of the vegan community for years, here are some delicious recipes that will satisfy your palate. Breakfast Pumpkin Bread 1 cup barley, soaked 2-3 days (rinse daily) 2 cups soft wheat, sprouted 1 day 1 ½ cups fresh pumpkin puree ½ orange 1 teaspoon […]

Vegetarian diabetic diet

Trying to find a diet that works best with diabetes may be tricky for those that are not used to watching what they eat. Good news is that for those suffering from Diabetes, there are many things you can do to change your prognosis. It is unfortunate today that so many people are diagnosed with […]