Embolic stroke

Chances are that you have known someone who has experienced a stroke, or perhaps even experienced this event yourself. People often view heart attacks and strokes as two of the major risks factors that the elderly face, and they are right. The fear of strokes and heart attacks in the popular imagination probably results from […]

Stroke rehabilitation

Strokes are known to be extremely serious and can result in disability or even death. There are numerous methods to improve the functions of the body after someone has suffered a stroke and these will include rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. By undergoing stroke rehabilitation you are able to retrain the brain […]

Mini stroke treatment

When you say the word, “Stroke” it is hard to believe there could ever be anything mini about it. After all, a stroke is a very scary thing and can be life ending. But mini strokes are actually different from full blown strokes and they do have their own, mini stroke treatment options. The Difference […]

Signs of a mini stroke

A mini stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack) is a brief period in which there is not enough blood flow to the brain. It is important that nearly twenty percent of people who experience a mini stroke or TIA will likely progress to a major stroke sometime within the next three months. The problem […]

Stroke symptoms

A stroke is a highly dangerous situation in which a person’s brain suffers from a critical deficiency of oxygen due to an interruption of the blood supply in the head. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain is particularly sensitive to oxygen deprivation and will start dying within minutes of losing oxygen. As you […]

Stroke prevention

According to the Center for Disease Control there are many things that people can do whether they have had a previous stroke or not to reduce their chances of having a stroke in the future. These things include changing diet and implementing exercise, reducing chance of heart disease, controlling high blood pressure and other chronic […]