Sleep disorder

Snoring solutions

Snoring is a very common problem with adults. It is reported to affect at least 30% of the population of those who are in the age range of 30-40 years of age. 40% of those people over the age of 40 complain of snoring. There are complaints of snoring that are logged by over 65% […]

Narcolepsy treatment

Imagine not being able to control your sleepiness. Imagine if you fell asleep at any time of day—while doing any activity—and you had no way to control it. You could fall asleep while driving, walking the dog, eating or playing catch. You could fall asleep while in dangerous places or situations (such as the driving […]

Natural snoring remedies

If you are a snorer, chances are you don’t even know it. You go to sleep at night, have a few dreams and wake up the next morning feeling rested and as though nothing interesting happened. Your spouse, on the other hand, may have endured a different kind of evening slumber. Instead she (or he) […]

Idiopathic hypersomnia

Idiopathic hypersomnia is one type of sleeping disorder. It is an uncommon ailment but can be a serious case problem for those suffering from the condition. It is characterized by excessive sleep and daytime sleepiness. This disorder comes in two forms; the patient can either experience long sleep time or may be without long sleep […]

White noise machine

Many people often have trouble sleeping. They either have a hard time getting to sleep or toss and turn throughout the night which is cause for a disruptive night. There are plenty of remedies out there – sleeping pills, masks to block light, and even memory foam to help make for a comfortable night’s sleep. […]

Sleep paralysis

People who wake up and are unable to move or speak may be experiencing sleep paralysis. People who suffer from sleep paralysis are not able to move their limbs when they are asleep. They may feel like someone is sitting on their chest and as if they are being suffocated. Some experts believe that this […]

Natural sleep aids

No one enjoys laying down for a nice nights rest and then realizing that they are unable to fall asleep. Some people have a hard time falling asleep due to anxiety or thoughts that just will not stop running through their head. Whether it’s a bill that needs paid, something work related, a speech the […]

Snoring mouthpiece

Nothing can hurt a marriage or drive the romance out of a relationship quite as quickly as snoring. Snoring occurs when the sleeper’s flow of air is interrupted by a physical barrier. Generally, the flow of air through the nose and mouth are free of obstruction as people sleep. In a snorer, however, airways can […]

Best natural sleep aids

Are you suffering from a lack of sleep? When you are not getting the sleep that you need, the result is that your body and your brain are not able to function as effectively as they should. You can start getting a restful night sleep. No need to continue to count sheep or cross your […]

How to stop snoring

Snoring can affect as many as 50% of the population at one time or another. The American Academy of Otolaryngology has reported that 25% of all people tend to snore on a regular basis. They also state that the statistics show that snoring tends to affect more men than women and that snoring becomes worse […]


Melatonin is a necessary hormone secreted in the brain. It comes from the pineal gland and is responsible for regulating the other hormones throughout the body as well as keeping the body’s internal clock running smoothly. Our body’s internal clock is also referred to as the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is extremely important in […]

Chronic insomnia treatment

There are multiple types of insomnia, and among all the them, chronic insomnia is a complex condition where patients who have difficulty sleeping consistently for more than a month. The underlying causes are typically physical and mental and therefore the solution requires physical and mental remedies. The most common cause of chronic insomnia is depression. […]


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that is chronic in nature. This disorder is characterized by the person’s overwhelming need to sleep at odd times. They also are very drowsy during the daytime hours and have sudden bouts of falling asleep without warning. People with narcolepsy usually find that they cannot stay awake for long hours […]

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that can be dangerous if left untreated. The disorder causes the patient to stop breathing during their sleep and can be life threatening. There are different types of sleep apnea that cause the person to stop breathing while they are asleep. The first type of sleep apnea is called […]

Natural sleep supplements

If you are like millions of other people who have sleeping problems, you might be looking for an alternative to traditional medicine in order to fix the problem. Insomnia is something that can cause a lot of problems for people, and it is only normal to want to find natural sleep supplements that can help […]

Anxiety, depression and insomnia

One of the most common causes for any kind of sleeping disorder is depression, anxiety and depression. In many cases, anxiety, depression and insomnia go hand in hand and often times, people find themselves responding to multiple types of disorders at the same time. Many experts indicate that anxiety, depression and insomnia create a loop […]

Natural cure for insomnia

After a long and exhausting day, it can be very refreshing to be in the midst of peace and quiet, especially in the sanctuary of your own home and in the comfort of your bedroom. However it can also be very frustrating when you close your eyes in the peace of the night, and find […]

Alcohol and insomnia

Drinking alcohol is commonly construed as a remedy for insomnia for those frustrated with the ailments of sleeplessness. It seems as a logical solution, as an excess of alcohol consumption makes it difficult to stay awake, however the effects are quite the opposite and there are many additional considerations to be made when consuming alcohol […]

Natural herbal treatment for sleep insomnia

There are natural herbal treatments for insomnia for those who are apprehensive of conventional medical treatments. For many people, insomnia is quite troublesome. The inability to sleep at night results in overall fatigue throughout the day and an overall diminished sense of alertness. Though the causes of insomnia are plentiful, and it is common to […]

Facts about insomnia

With innumerable myths and fables regarding insomnia, it is very important to know the real facts if you are suffering from this ailment. By know the facts, you can educate yourself on how to really curb the symptoms of this disease and how to understand your condition from a medical prospective, as well as a […]