Skin diseases


Your cardiovascular system and blood vessels have a lot of responsibility. In order to keep all your vital organs working, your blood vessels must carry blood, and therefore oxygen, to them. As your heart beats it pumps blood out into the blood vessels and this job is done. But if your blood vessels become restricted […]

Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a rare syndrome that is also called erythema mulitforme. Toxic epidermal necrosis is another form of Stevens-Johnson syndrome and can be life threatening. This is a rare skin disorder due to an allergic reaction that can happen when a person who is allergic to certain medications and it may also be connected […]

Subcutaneous emphysema

Subcutaneous emphysema (SCE) refers to emphysema under the skin. It is existent in the subcutaneous skin layer. The condition may also sometimes be referred to as tissue emphysema. Basically, for people with this condition, the subcutaneous skin layer is exposed air or gas. The most common source for this air would be oxygen originating from […]

Rosacea treatment

Rosacea is one of the most common skin disorders. In fact it is the fifth most common dermatological skin disorder that affects people today. Rosacea however is not very well known. Most people have it and do not even know that they have a medical condition. Since it is not well known it goes to […]

Vitiligo treatment

Vitiligo is a medical condition that affects the skin. The cells that produce the pigmentation of our skin are called melanocytes. When these cells are destroyed, the pigment is no longer made and our skin loses its color. Most of the time vitiligo causes patches of non-pigmented skin to form on the body. People of […]

Eczema and psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis look very much alike and can be very difficult to differentiate from one another. There are even times when the doctor is unable to give a definitive diagnosis of the rash that you are experiencing, especially when it appears on the hands. Both eczema and psoriasis produce a red and scaly rash […]

Acne rosacea

Acne rosacea actually has nothing to do with acne at all. The correct term is actually just Rosecea. Rosecea is a skin disorder that is very common and affects lots of people all over the world. Because of its appearance many people often mistaken rosecea for acne but they are actually not related at all. […]

Baby eczema treatment

No one enjoys seeing their baby uncomfortable and if your child is suffering from eczema you may be on the search for some remedies or treatments to help ease your little ones discomfort. Eczema can be found in infants all the way up through adults. Unfortunately, eczema is not curable but there may be a […]

Skin cancer

Because of the increase in pollutants in the air and the harm that has been done to the ozone layer, there is an increase in the amount of UC in the atmosphere. This means that more and more people are showing up with skin cancer problems. But what most people who are worried about skin […]

Baby heat rash

Heat rash can be seen in people of all ages, but it is very common in babies. When your little one has a heat rash you may notice a bunch of little bumps on the skin. When your baby is overheated these little red bumps can appear wherever sweat becomes trapped, typically under clothing or […]

Ingrown toenail treatment

Having an ingrown toenail can be extremely painful. An ingrown toenail can make walking very uncomfortable and lead to infection. Most often an ingrown toenail develops because a person trims the corners of their toenails down too far. A lot of people like to cut their toenails in a rounded off shape but this can […]

Scalp psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition in which skin cells reproduce too quickly. Psoriasis can be found anywhere on the body. Scalp psoriasis is the term used when psoriasis is found on the scalp and causes red lesions and scales to appear. This condition can range in severity. Often in a mild case the scaling will be […]

Eczema treatment

Eczema is a word used to describe many different types of skin inflammations, also known dermatitis. Although eczema is most often found in infants, people of all ages can suffer from this condition. If you have a family history of eczema or allergies then you or your children are at risk for developing eczema as […]