Non-epileptic seizures

Non-epileptic seizures are incidents that bear a resemblance to epileptic seizures but are not directly triggered by electrical changes in the brain. There are several factors that cause a non-epileptic seizure and some of them include severe mental and emotional trauma, migraine, narcolepsy, and other physiological conditions that have an effect on the flow of […]

Seizure symptoms

A seizure is a sporadic movement caused by a quick change in the brain’s electrical functioning in the cortex. A seizure is sudden and scary for people witnessing the action. Most people experience a blackout and wake up on the ground with no recollection of the seizure. A seizure has a warning sign often called […]

Epilepsy symptoms

Epilepsy is a disorder which is described with the help of a behavioral pattern which repeats itself every now and then, without a set time interval. These patterns are known as seizures and this condition branches out to include a number of categories. The most common epilepsy symptoms are generalized tonic seizures, auras, absence seizures […]

Temporal lobe epilepsy

Temporal lobe epilepsy, abbreviated as TLE, is a seizure disorder that is characterized by seizures that originate in the media or lateral temporal lobe of the brain. The temporal lobes are located on each side of the head just above the ears. Temporal lobe epilepsy is a very common form of epilepsy. People who have […]


Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that is caused by a neurological condition. This condition affects the nervous system in people who have the disorder. This can be caused by an injury to the brain, brain infections, genetics, or it can occur without a known reason. Once a person has suffered from one or two seizures […]

Epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the nervous system. It may also be called seizure disorder. Although epilepsy can be inherited or due to a brain injury, the cause is unknown for most people who have seizures or epilepsy. A seizure takes place when there is an abnormal amount of electrical activity going on in […]

Grand mal seizure

A grand mal seizure is characterized by unconsciousness and convulsions that typically involve all parts of the body. The seizure will occur in stages with unconsciousness coming first and the convulsions beginning after. The cause of a grand mal seizure is an abnormal electrical activity in the brain and this is the reason that the […]