Scar removal

Acne scar treatment

It is important to realize that prior to seeking any form of acne scar treatment, your face will need to be free of active acne. If you are still suffering from the effects of acne, you will need to address this first. Once your acne has cleared up you can then decide on the specific […]

Subcision for acne scars

Acne scars exist to be one of the worst enemies of mankind, for there is no punishment worse than disfigured facial features. Not only does it create difficulty in the social life of a person, but can also be very painful. Subcision of acne scars is the complete removal or the betterment of acne scars […]

Facial scar treatment

Many sufferers of acne are relieved when they finally get rid of their acne, but sometimes that acne can leave damaging colored scars on your face. There are various types of treatments you can use – punch excision, subcision, and chemical peels to name just a few. Some require the aid of dermatologists while others […]