Quit smoking

How to quit smoking cigarettes

We are aware that cigarette smoking is linked with many serious ailments which include cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, emphysema and impotency. There are many additional factors to take into consideration such as the overall cost of smoking, the actual amount of time spent on smoking, being unable to work without smoking, […]

Herbal smoke

Herbal smoke is a completely legal product, meant to provide the interested smoker with a tasteful new sensation, free of tobacco and illegal substances. The shops who sell this product provide Legal Herbal Smoking Blends, Legal Bud, Herbal Smoke, Legal Marijuana Alternatives, rolling paper, and smoking accessories. Each herbal smoke product has its own unique […]

Smoking cessation programs

If you’re serious about quitting smoking, there are programs that can assist you along every step of the way. The idea of even stepping foot into such a process probably seems daunting and extremely undesirable. No wonder, because you’ve probably been attached to that little stick of tobacco for quite some time; it requires money, […]

Stop smoking hypnotherapy

There are literally thousands of stop-smoking aids on the market today. You can walk into any drug store and see shelves loaded with products from nicotine gum and patches to pills and inhalers. One of the lesser known and one of the most successful ways to stop smoking is hypnotherapy. The success rates of using […]

Smoking cessation drugs

Smoking is quite a bad habit and is very hazardous to health. Moreover, once someone gets addicted to smoking it is by far one of the toughest tasks to give it up. Eventually, with a strong will power it is possible to discontinue smoking and this period is known as smoking cessation. Nowadays there are […]

Nicotine patch

The nicotine patch is an aid that can be used in a smoking cessation program. The patches are designed to deliver small amounts of nicotine into the bloodstream during the day. The nicotine patch was introduced in the early 1990’s and has been successfully used by millions of people to help them stop smoking. Nicotine […]

Herbal cigarette

An herbal cigarette is a tobacco and nicotine-free alternative to traditional smoking. They are becoming very popular particularly by those who want to stop smoking. Herbal cigarettes contain herbal as well as organic and natural ingredients instead of nicotine and traditional tobacco. They are a bit safer than traditional cigarettes and cause minimal health damage […]

Laser treatments to stop smoking

If you are a smoker and are looking to quit you may have tried everything under the sun to help you achieve your goals. Although smoking has been proven to be extremely hazardous to our health, many people continue to do it. Smoking is addicting thanks to the additive nicotine that makes our bodies crave […]


Chantix is a prescription drug aimed at smoking cessation. Chantix is unique because it contains no nicotine. Rather, Chantix works in the brain by preventing receptors from releasing dopamine. The result is the smoker no longer receives pleasure from smoking and quitting will be easier. Usually the nicotine from the cigarette travels to the brain […]

How to quit smoking

Learning how to quit smoking is one of the most difficult journey’s that many people embark on. Not only is smoking addictive, but the actual act of smoking itself creates an addictive pattern that is difficult to break. There are probably hundreds of different methods that people use to quit smoking, but different methods work […]