Protein supplements

Vegetable protein vs. Animal protein

Vegetable protein vs. animal protein. Incomplete protein vs. complete protein. Low fat vs. higher fat. Delicious vs. delicious. Healthy vs. healthy. Gosh, what a dilemma! As you can see, choosing between vegetable protein and animal protein isn’t as easy as it may seem (unless you’re a vegetarian of course!). Each type offers its own variety […]

Hemp protein

When you think of hemp, it is probable that one of two scenarios come to mind. The first and most immediate thought is probably of that cannabis plant that hemp is made out of and which people like to smoke. The second thought most likely involves hippies wearing clothing made out of hemp and selling […]

Muscle milk protein

Have you ever gone to the story and bought a product based on its name alone, only to get home and realize that what you bought is something completely different from what you thought you were buying? That has been the case with several buyers of Muscle Milk Protein. Muscle Milk Protein is a dietary […]


Adiponectin is a form of protein. It is created by the fat cells and helps to boost metabolism and glucose level. It contains high level of anti-inflammatory substances. One of the most important functions of adiponectin is that it makes the body more sensitive towards insulin. Since type 2 diabetes is caused by decreased sensitivity […]

Organic whey protein

There are many reasons why people may want to use a protein supplement. People who lift weights often or exercise a lot may need to up their protein intake in order to provide support for their active muscles or those who are in need of muscle recovery. Other people who have dietary restrictions and are […]

Pea protein

When combined with other sources of protein, pea protein is an important protein to include in your diet. A balanced diet rich in all amino acids is important for growth and repair of tissues. This is especially important for people hoping to build muscle or tone their bodies. Peas are naturally healthy and cholesterol-free, and […]


Human breast milk, while similar in color and texture, is completely different from cow milk, goat milk, or any other type of animal derived milk. One of the most important albeit invisible differences is in a protein called lactoferrin. This protein, lactoferrin, is found in abundance in human milk, but only in a very small […]

Soy protein powder

If you are into body building you already know that you need a lot of protein to build massively strong muscles. You may just want to consider using soy protein powder as an alternative way of getting enough protein on a daily basis. Strangely enough, soy protein powder supplements can also help dieters to lose […]

Amway Nutrilite protein powder

Many people who are trying to stay healthy may find that they need a protein supplement to help keep their body functioning at an optimal level. This is because protein is not something that is stored by your body (unlike fats and carbohydrates), so if you are someone unable to intake their daily allotment of […]

Muscle milk review

Cytosport is a well known company in the fitness supplement industry today. They are the makers of Muscle Milk. Muscle Milk is one of the best tasting protein powder shakes available on the market today. When the product was first introduced onto the market a few years ago, its great taste far exceeded everyone’s expectations […]

Protein supplements for bodybuilding

Many people who are into weightlifting (or even those who just want to look a little more muscular than they do naturally), take some type of protein supplement as a way of helping their bodies to achieve this body building look. However, deciding which protein supplement to go with is something that is a little […]

Protein supplements

Protein supplements are usually used and talked about by body builders and those who are trying to increase lean muscle mass in their body. However there are several other reasons that protein supplements are beneficial in our diets. Whey supplements in particular are very beneficial as they are very close to what our mother’s breast […]

Whey protein powder

Whey protein has been a common topic for those concerned with health and physical fitness. Here are some basic info on what whey protein is, how it benefits the body, as well as possible side effects that are associated with it. Whey protein generally refers to a group of proteins which are globular in shape. […]