Nutrition for pregnant women

There are many things for pregnant women to worry about, nutrition being only one of them. Pregnant women are under an incredible amount of pressure to do everything right for their baby, and it might often seem that everyone has an opinion – and of course, there is a reason for that. Pregnant women have […]

Home Fetal Monitor

The first time around, being pregnant can be both exciting and stressful. Many people get nervous about the whole process and begin to worry that there could be some complications. To get the negative thoughts out of your head, you would need to know that the fetus is healthy. A great way to do this […]

Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy, while they will vary slightly from woman to woman, typically include a variety of symptoms. These symptoms will vary in frequency as well as intensity and may be different for women from one pregnancy to another. It is important to keep in mind that your body will go through many changes […]

Pregnancy and fibroids

A pregnant woman often has to go for an ultrasound or pelvic exam. These exams are necessary for the physician to understand the condition of the woman’s baby and her uterus. Many women discovered, during these tests, the presence of uterine fibroids in their uterus. These growths, on or in the uterus, usually are harmless […]

Natural birth vs. Epidural birth

During pregnancy many women are adamant about one side of the birthing spectrum: those that are all for a natural birth, and those that would opt for the epidural birth when given a choice. This choice is dependent upon two equally important, but sometimes conflicting things: the women’s personal preference and the status or progression […]

What to eat when pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful and precious time. During the miraculous months of feeling the baby grow a little bigger each week, your body is getting ready to bring a new person into the world. Throughout these nine months it is imperative to fulfill all of the nutritional requirements that are needed for these bodily changes […]

Trying to conceive? Nutrition matters!

Nutrition has always been a very important topic for women when trying to conceive a baby and enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Not only is a good diet extremely vital during the months prior to pregnancy, but also during and after delivery of the baby as well. The most natural approach to infertility is to include […]

How to get pregnant

For some women, getting pregnant can be very difficult. Infertility is the commonest reason why a woman fails to get pregnant. Infertility is defined as the biological inability of an individual to contribute to conception. Some of the common causes of female infertility are ovulation problems, uterine problems, tubal blockage, previous tubal ligation and tuberculosis. […]

Preeclampsia symptoms

Preeclampsia is a dangerous health condition that some pregnant women develop during the end of their second trimester or at some time during the third trimester. Women can also develop this condition during the first six weeks after giving birth. This condition occurs in approximately 8% of all pregnancies. The cause of preeclampsia is not […]

HELLP syndrome

HELLP Syndrome is something few people have heard of since it is fairly rare; however, those that have had to deal with HELLP Syndrome know just how serious it is. HELLP is a very serious complication of hypertension induced by pregnancy. It has a fairly low occurrence rate—only between about two and twelve percent of […]

Infertility treatments

When you want to have a baby and can’t, infertility treatments may be able to help. Which treatment that would be best will depend on a number of factors including the cause of infertility, how long the condition has lasted and the age of the partners involved. Unfortunately, there are some infertility issues that cannot […]

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

An ectopic pregnancy can constitute a medical emergency if it is not treated immediately. The situation is that usually no one realizes that this type of pregnancy has occurred until symptoms have occurred showing that it is not a normal pregnancy and immediate intervention is necessary. In a normal pregnancy, the sperm fertilizes the egg […]

Chemotherapy and pregnancy

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, typically speed will dictate the development and implementation of a treatment plan, which obviously has to be done as soon as possible after diagnosis. When that woman is expecting a child, the treatment that can save the life of the woman can also cause some concern for the […]

Prenatal vitamins

When a woman is pregnant she has to increase her intake in order to take in enough nutritionally to support both the needs of herself and her unborn infant. This is the reason that women are prescribed prenatal vitamins in order to make sure that both women and their infants receive all the supplements that […]

Pregnancy and folic acid

If you are a woman who is thinking about having a child, then you should also know that pregnancy and folic acid are two things that go together in order to assure the health of your baby. However, you may not know why it is that pregnancy and folic acid are such a good combination. […]