Natural face moisturizers

People say that you start to age ever since the day that you are born! Undoubtedly aging is one thing that no one can prevent or avoid experiencing. However, what we can do is to ensure our skin greater care and attention to keep it looking as great as possible for as long as possible, […]

Face moisturizer for dry skin

Dry skin, also known as xerosis in medical terms, is a common facial condition that occurs and recurs amongst men and women around the world. It is an uncomfortable condition that makes the facial skin feel tightened and stretched, while accompanied with itchiness. When the skin is exposed to certain external conditions, the upper layer […]

Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers have increased in popularity tremendously over the last couple of years. They have been regularly used in the past through the effort of mixing a moisturizer and liquid foundation. However, tinted moisturizer products have just started to get noticed in the last few years. Applying a tinted moisturizer will give a smooth texture […]

SPF moisturizer

SPF moisturizer allows you to moisturize your face while protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. There are many SPF moisturizers on the market today with different sun protection factors and unique qualities about each. For instance, many SPF moisturizers also contain healthy antioxidants which help protect your skin from aging and […]

Skin moisturizer

Skin moisturizers have many ingredients that work to moisturize, soothe, and protect your skin. Skin moisturizers can also improve skin tone and mask imperfections. It all depends on what ingredients are used. This list of ingredients commonly found in skin moisturizers will help you to decide on the best one for your needs. Humectants absorb […]

Facial moisturizer

Taking care of our bodies is extremely important in order to live a long and healthy life. That means that we must take care of not only the inside health, but also the outside. We may feel fantastic on the inside, but our face and bodies outward appearance can show just how well we really […]