Mineral supplements

Molybdenum supplements

If we are at all aware of our health, we are aware that our body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals every day in order to maintain optimal health. We all know about vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, and minerals such as iron and zinc, but there are plenty […]

Selenium benefits

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that everyone needs to help maintain bodily healthy bodily function. Selenium is found in almost every cell in the body. The kidneys, spleen, liver and pancreas are the areas the body that have the most concentrated amounts of selenium. If you do not having enough selenium you can be […]

Iodine supplements

Iodine is one of the minerals that the body must get in through the diet because it cannot produce it on its own; furthermore, iodine is needed to stimulate certain functions in the body. Not getting enough of it results in a chain reaction. However, for many people, getting iodine in through the diet is […]

Chromium picolinate

Chromium iodinate is a nutritional supplement that is used to facilitate weight loss and help assist in the optimization of the efficiency of the working of insulin. This nutritional supplement is a combination of the trace mineral chromium and picolinic acid. Chromium is normally found in the diet. It is usually found in foods such […]

Germanium supplement

Germanium is a non essential trace mineral. As of yet, there has been no Recommended Daily Amount determined by the FDA. Germanium is found on in most plants and is abundant on the surface of the earth. The use of a Germanium supplement began in Japan in the early 1970s. However, it is thought by […]

Vanadyl sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate is a compound of vanadium. Vanadium is a trace mineral that is found in various fish and vegetables. It is often praised as the best source of vanadium due to the high stability of the compound. Vanadyl sulfate is sometimes found in dietary supplements and medications. Vanadyl sulfate offers the same effects that […]

Colloidal minerals

Scientists and dietitians everywhere are in agreement: minerals are 100% essential for optimum health and physical performance. No matter who you are, from a college athlete to a white collar Joe, the power of minerals to enhance your physical abilities, revolutionize your health and hugely increase your personal well being is well documented. With a […]

MSM powder

MSM powder is something you may have never heard of, but you wouldn’t be here without the base element, sulphur. MSM powder is made from a substance found in all living things and is required for all body systems and organs. It is found in most foods including meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, and milk. However […]

Potassium supplements

After watching the television news, reading the newspapers, and seeing various stories on the internet, many of us know that we should be taking some kind of vitamins in order to supplement our health. After all, you can’t turn around lately without bumping into a news story about how Americans’ general health is declining, and […]

GTF chromium

GTF Chromium is a substance that’s well known within the health community. Commonly used in diet supplements, this mineral offers increased energy levels, decreased appetite for carbohydrates and simple sugars and an overall feeling of appetite suppression. An active ingredient in hundreds of fitness related products, GTF Chromium is quickly becoming regarded as one of […]

Coral calcium

Coral calcium is obtained from the salt of calcium found on fossilized coral reefs. They are often retrieved from above ground limestone deposits that at one point were a part of living coral reefs. Because coral reefs are endangered, getting the coral calcium directly from them is illegal. Coral calcium is often marketed as a […]

Zinc picolinate

Over 30 percent of the population on this planet is at risk of having a zinc deficiency. Amazingly enough, zinc deficiency is actually one of the leading causes of disease in the world! Although zinc is a mineral commonly found in many foods, there are times when soil deficiencies can lead to a deficiency in […]

Copper supplements

Before taking a copper supplement it is a good idea to know exactly what copper is and what it does for our bodies. Copper is very necessary for all animals, humans and many plants. It is carried in the bloodstream and absorbed through the stomach. Our bodies need copper to aid the body in the […]

Magnesium supplements

If you have been anywhere near a television over the past forty years, then chances are you have seen commercials, infomercials and health news segments all touting the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements. According to these adverts, people are simply not getting enough vitamins and minerals from their everyday lives. The ways that people […]

Strontium supplement

Strontium is one of several very important minerals for good bone health, but few people have ever really heard of it. Strontium naturally occurs in the bones as well as in nature. It is actually fairly similar to calcium in many ways, including the fact that it helps with bone structure and density. In nature, […]

Liquid colloidal minerals

We encounter colloidals every day, although we don’t every think of them as such. A colloid is just a particle that has been suspended in either a gas or a liquid. When you drink that cup of coffee in the morning, you’re drinking a liquid colloid because it is, technically, milk and coffee suspended in […]

Best multivitamin/mineral supplements

Many people fail to consume enough of various important nutrients in their diet. Even a healthy diet can lack certain essential nutrients every day, so they need to be made up for somehow. A nutritional deficiency can be treated by using Xtend-Life Multi Xtra, a natural multi vitamin supplement. Multi Xtra is one of the […]

Chromium polynicotinate

As you may or may not know, more than 90% of adults in the United States are deficient in chromium. The reason for this is that chromium is not easily absorbed by the body through foods. Even if you are taking vitamin supplements you could be having a hard time getting enough chromium as the […]

Best calcium supplements

Xtend-Life Bone-Protec is a 100% natural supplement that consists of a combination of eleven active ingredients which all work effectively to help strengthen your skeletal system. By using Bone-Protec you can improve your posture, become more mobile, increase your strength, minimize chronic pain, and lower the chance of developing a degenerative illness. This isn’t just […]

Iron supplements

Iron is one of the most talked about and controversial supplements, largely in part to the fact that too little can result in severe medical conditions while too much can cause a dangerous toxicity problem. For the most part, Iron levels in humans are easy to maintain because it is such an abundant resource. However, […]

Selenium supplements

Selenium is a mineral that plays an important part in your good health. The mineral in used by the body with proteins to create selenoproteins which are vital antioxidant enzymes. Antioxidant enzymes are used by the body to prevent the damage that occurs to the cells by free radicals. It is thought that free radicals […]

Zinc supplements

Zinc is an essential mineral that is consumed in our daily diet. It is responsible for several functions which make it essential to our overall health. Zinc plays a crucial role in keeping our immune system functioning at optimum levels. People with zinc deficiencies have been known to be much more prone to developing pneumonia […]

Calcium supplements

Calcium is a mineral that is used by the human body to produce strong bones and teeth. It is also used to regulate the heart beat. The biggest portion of calcium that is taken in by the body is stored in a person’s bones and teeth. If a person’s calcium needs are not met through […]