Malted milk powder

Malted milk powder is made via a combination of non-diastatic malt flour (although it is occasionally produced in diastatic form), wheat flour and powdered milk. You will typically find that all these ingredients will be evaporated and therefore this gives the powder an extremely fine appearance. This, of course, allows it to be easily absorbed […]

Goat milk powder

Goat milk powder…hmm…probably doesn’t sound like the most appetizing thing, does it? Well, some people are actually quite fond of it. It makes a very well-rounded nutritious drink, but also has other beneficial qualities. Maybe you should consider these additional traits before totally bashing on goat’s milk because you may very well be pleasantly shocked. […]

Benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother

Breastfeeding, that wonderful bond between mother and baby, is an incredible experience for both. It is actually the most natural and beneficial thing a mother can do for her baby. In today’s fast-paced world, it may seem easier to feed your baby formula and you may have heard this is just as good as breastfeeding, […]

Rice milk

Rice milk is a grain milk made from rice and is a common substitute for cow’s milk. Because it is completely devoid of animal contents, it is considered acceptable for vegans and vegetarians alike. Lactose, an ingredient in cow’s milk, is also absent from rice milk, and therefore makes it tolerable to those with lactose […]

Increase breast milk production naturally

There are many things that are classified as “do-it-yourself”, otherwise known as DIY. Who knew that DIY applied to increasing the production of milk that a mother can supply to her youngster. A mother’s worrying never ceases to start early in life. For every breastfeeding mother, there is also the occasional worry that she is […]


Human breast milk, while similar in color and texture, is completely different from cow milk, goat milk, or any other type of animal derived milk. One of the most important albeit invisible differences is in a protein called lactoferrin. This protein, lactoferrin, is found in abundance in human milk, but only in a very small […]

Colostrum milk powder

Colostrum is not mother’s milk. It is the fluid that is produced from a lactating mother for the first 48 hours after birth. This substance is considered the forerunner to a mother producing milk from her mammary glands and is a very important substance for the child to obtain. Colostrum has more protein, less fat […]

Infant nutritional requirements

The first year of life is a period of very rapid growth for an infant. They will on average double their weight by age five months and triple it by the age of 1 year. In addition they will add 50% to their length in the first year of life. This means that meeting their […]

Lactose intolerance

When a person has a lactose intolerance it means their body is unable to digest lactose. Lactose is the sugar found in milk and milk products. A person that has lactose intolerance will suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort after consuming lactose. Not everyone suffers from this condition. The people who suffer from lactose intolerance lack the […]

Whey protein powder

Whey protein has been a common topic for those concerned with health and physical fitness. Here are some basic info on what whey protein is, how it benefits the body, as well as possible side effects that are associated with it. Whey protein generally refers to a group of proteins which are globular in shape. […]