Metabolism boosting foods

Millions of dollars are spent on advertising every year to sell you the world’s next great diet product. They tell you how it is going to burn up all your fat or how it is going to make your metabolism run a marathon! There are so many claims and boasts it is hard to know […]

Foods that increase metabolism

Our metabolism rate is the rate that the body burns up food and calories that it takes in. The body which is heavy in muscle and low in fat burns many more calories in a much faster rate than a body that is high in fat and low in muscle tissue. One pound of muscle […]

How to speed up metabolism

For many people, trying to fight their natural metabolism is taken as a lost cause. It’s not an easy task to accomplish, but it is possible. Speeding up your metabolism isn’t something that will happen overnight, though. Being that the metabolism slows with age, you’re going to have to put some work in if you […]

Natural metabolism boosters

The human body runs on energy. The rate that energy is burned or used is called the metabolism rate. The body needs a certain amount of calories or energy just to do its basic functions such as breathe, eat, sleep, move around and do daily activities. The metabolic rate can be slow or fast depending […]