Medical insurance

Major medical insurance

Health insurance has been a hot topic in the United States of late. Reliable health coverage is something that you should never go without. However, the price of many health insurance policies today make it more than difficult for all Americans to enjoy complete health coverage. Knowing and understanding the basics of medical insurance is […]

Medical liability insurance

Medical liability insurance is a form of insurance carried by those in the medical field. This type of insurance coverage is for protection from lawsuits and claims made against those in the medical field for negligence and malpractice. Medical liability insurance is a necessary insurance policy for medical professionals to have for their own protection. […]

Medical evacuation insurance

With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of Americans are getting ready to jet to various exotic and wonderful locations around the world. How often during your journey to the airport do you find yourself preparing your final check list? Passport…check, Travelers cheques…check, Travel insurance…check. However, have you ever considered medical evacuation insurance? If you […]

Major medical insurance companies

If you do not qualify for benefits or your employer does not offer health insurance benefits, then you may need a major medical health insurance company. Major medical insurance typically offers low premiums with higher deductibles and is made more affordable for those who do not have access to group insurance plans. These plans cover […]

Travel medical insurance

Travel medical insurance is similar to regular health insurance polices only it covers people who travel. There are two different types of travel insurance policies that you can buy. One is a temporary travel medical insurance plan and ant the other is permanent travel medical insurance. Is travel medical insurance really necessary? Many people ask […]

Hospital indemnity insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance is designed to help offset the rising costs of hospitalization. It is important to understand that when you are forced to spend time in the hospital, these medical expenses are not the only expenses that you incur. If you have a regular job, you may be out the money that you would […]

Affordable medical insurance

Medical insurance is a much needed product today. In finding affordable health insurance, there are many options. The most affordable type of medical insurance that you can purchase is through a group. Group insurance is typically offered through an employer and if you have this option, it is the easiest and least expensive way to […]

Medical malpractice insurance

Medical Malpractice occurs when a medical professional is proven to have acted in a way that is negligent when treating a medical condition or emergency. Examples of malpractice may include an unreasonable delay in treatment or diagnosing a specific medical condition, the complete failure to diagnose a specific medical condition or disease, the misdiagnosis of […]

Medical insurance

Nowadays, insurance companies provide many insurance schemes based on many different possibilities that may seem humorous to most people. Insurance such as earthquake insurance may seem quite odd in a location that has never faced an earthquake! For individuals living alone, life insurance may also seem excessive to them. However, an insurance that is a […]

International medical insurance

If you are planning a lengthy vacation or temporary relocation to an international destination then you will have to properly prepare yourself for the venture. There are many tasks that must be completed before you can finally leave for the airport to head overseas. You will need to make sure that your passport is valid […]