Liquid diets

Protein drinks

Protein is an important component of the human body. It is an organic compound and is the key element in the construction and repairing body tissues. Our body needs protein to make hormones, enzymes, and other chemical compounds. Protein is also necessary to maintain healthy hair and nails, and is a building block for bones, […]

Coconut water benefits

Coconuts, commonly defined as the fruit from the coconut palm tree with the botanical name of cocos nucifera, are usually found in the coastal regions of South and South East Asia, the Pacific Islands, South America and the islands of Hawaii and Florida amongst others. Although the botanical name suggests the name nut bearing, coconuts […]

Elderberry juice concentrate

Humans have a natural inclination to try to heal the sick – our ability to treat illnesses in ourselves and others has contributed in no small way to our success as a species. Why we would do this is no mystery – on the altruistic side, we empathize with each other, we care about each […]

Liquid vitamins

Very recently there were some quite remarkable claims made about liquid vitamins, and they were even hailed as a miraculous breakthrough in the diet supplement industry. However once the FTC became involved, it was soon found that these claims were unsubstantiated and therefore legal action was taken. So it appears that there was no miracle […]

Liquid CoQ10

Do you know the difference between medications and dietary supplements? If you do not, and your daily regimen is made up of one or both, it is high time that you sat down and learned the difference. Medications in the United States have to go through a rigorous and expensive clinical testing process before they […]

Liquid vitamin A supplements

Did you know that liquid vitamin A supplements can save your eye sight when you get older? The fact is vitamin A is an essential vitamin that we need to maintain proper eye and skin health. In particular, vitamin A is extremely essential for good eye health. Vitamin A deficiency just happens to be a […]

Liquid glucose

Glucose, a simple sugar or monosaccharide, is an important source of energy and for metabolic reactions in living beings. It is the end product of carbohydrate digestion, and is carried by the blood to the different cells of the body in order to release energy through oxidation. Liquid glucose, also known as glucose syrup, is […]

Liquid calcium

We all know that calcium plays an extremely important role in our bodies. Everyone knows that it’s important to have a sufficient amount of calcium in order to keep our teeth and bones strong, but calcium actually has several other benefits that many people are unaware of. The average dose that is recommended for daily […]

Liquid vitamins vs. Vitamin pills

If you have been alive during the past 40 years, then it would be almost impossible for you to have failed to learn that vitamins and minerals are important for our health. If you watch the news, read magazines or the internet, or view late night television commercials, you likely also know that we often […]

Liquid glucosamine

Liquid glucosamine has been in use for several years in Europe for the purpose of getting rid of joint pain as well as by sportsmen for reducing wear and tear of joints. The reasons behind this are manifold. The first and most obvious one being that liquid glucosamine is very effective and has been tried […]

Liquid whey protein

Whey protein supplements have come a long way from the old powdered mixed protein drinks. There is a new liquid whey protein on the market these days that makes taking protein supplements easy and convenient. New technology and advances in production techniques has put the spotlight on a new way to take protein supplements. Not […]

Liquid diets to lose weight

Some people struggle daily to control their appetite and lose weight while it is an effortless task for others. Controlling how much food you eat can be very difficult for some people and it plagues their thoughts and is causes them great stress. Struggling to overcome food addictions is a hard thing to do. Some […]

Liquid colloidal minerals

We encounter colloidals every day, although we don’t every think of them as such. A colloid is just a particle that has been suspended in either a gas or a liquid. When you drink that cup of coffee in the morning, you’re drinking a liquid colloid because it is, technically, milk and coffee suspended in […]

Liquid protein diet

One of the most common health problems that people face today are weight issues. Obesity is a growing issue and this has caused a great many diet plans and programs to be brought out into the market. One approach to weight loss that many people have tried is a liquid protein diet. This diet can […]