Life insurance

Group term life insurance

Group term life insurance is mainly available through employee benefits programs. An employer will usually offer this type of insurance at a group rate, which makes it less expensive for an employer and usually a free form of live cover for the employee. Term Insurance is without doubt the least expensive and easiest form of […]

Universal life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a form of Whole Life insurance. Whole life insurance provides the person continuous guaranteed life insurance coverage until death. Term life insurance expires after a certain amount of time. Term life insurance is more affordable than whole life insurance because it is not expected to last throughout the person’s entire life. […]

Cheap term life insurance

Term life insurance is a good way to provide for your survivors and ensure that they are well taken care of in your absence without worrying about paying terribly high premiums. Term life insurance is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Basically, the insurance pays is purchased for a specified term or amount of time, […]

Life insurance companies

Purchasing life insurance is a responsible decision you can make for the financial protection and provision of your family in the event of your death. There are all kinds of life insurance companies that offer such policies. But how do you know which life insurance companies are the best? The best way to get an […]

Affordable life insurance

Life insurance is a form of protection scheme that is provided by insurance companies so that a family does not have to suffer a financial instability with the death of a member, especially the head of the family. This is because one of its functions is to provide the saved money to the beneficiaries when […]

Globe Life Insurance

Globe Life Insurance is a subsidiary company owned by Torchmark Corporation. The company has over ten billion dollars in high quality holdings of assets that are currently under their direct management. One of their more recognizable investments would be the low cost life insurance and supplemental health insurance plans that they offer for low to […]

Mutual life insurance

A mutual life insurance company is one that pays its policy holders dividends. This is the only kind of insurance company that does this. If you are in the market for life insurance you should look into buying your policy from a mutual life insurance company. Mutual life insurance is a life insurance that you […]

How much does life insurance cost

Life insurance is one of those necessities of life that many people never consider. However, it is a vitalinstrument to include in financial planning for the future. The actual cost of life insurance will depend on many factors such as the type of the policy, age, existing health factors like obesity, smoking, depression, heart disease, […]

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is a particular form of life insurance which is enforced for the insured individual’s whole lifetime. Most of these policies require annual payments to be made for the plan. Whole life insurance is a sensible alternative to term life insurance as it will pay the beneficiary when the insured individual dies regardless […]

Term life insurance rates

There are a number of different factors that are considered when determining a term life insurance rate. In order to find the best rate, it is important that you understand just what term life insurance is. Term life insurance covers you for a specified period of time. This time is generally between one to ten […]

Supplemental life insurance

Anyone that already has a life insurance policy has the opportunity to take advantage of further coverage with the use of a supplemental life insurance policy. This type of insurance plan will offer any dependents to be on the policy as well. Additionally, supplemental life insurance can be useful if there is not enough financing […]