Hyperextended knee treatment

A hyperextended knee is a relatively common knee injury amongst various athletes. It is especially common in gymnasts and basketball players. A hyperextended knee injury can be even more severe in individuals that got it as a result of an auto accident as there is even more pressure put on the knee. What is a […]

Hematoma treatment

A hematoma can best be described as a collection of blood that is typically clotted, in either an organ or a tissue. You will find that a hematoma can actually occur almost anywhere in the body. If you are suffering from a minor injury, the blood is most likely to absorb unless an infection develops. […]

Rotator cuff injury

A rotator cuff injury refers to an injury of the four separate muscles that join together as a rotator cuff within the human body. Those muscles include the infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor muscles. The muscles and tendons that connect them to each other play a major role in keeping the shoulders and affiliated […]

Wound care products

Nearly everyone in the world has had an injury at some point that required wound care products. Cuts, scrapes and other injuries often need different types of treatment and wound care depending on their severity as well as the type of injury. Once an injury occurs, a series of events must take place in order […]

Brachial plexus injury

Occasionally during the birth of a baby the shoulders will be caught behind the pelvis of the mother as the baby moves down the birth canal. This is creates a medical emergency called dystocia. When this happen a doctor will need to intervene and try to dislodge the shoulders and may use forceps. During attempts […]

Traumatic brain injury treatment

Tens of millions of individuals from all across the globe are affected each year by traumatic brain injuries, making everyday activities difficult to undertake and complete. Since the brain controls every aspect of our bodies it is understandable that traumatic brain injury can manifest itself with a plethora of symptoms and disorders that range from […]

Shin splints treatment

Shin splints are a painful condition that is not uncommon amongst sports men and women. Medically known as ‘medial tribal stress syndrome’ this is a very painful and slow to heal condition that any sports professional dreads. Realistically the best shin splints treatment is rest. Unfortunately for those that are into sports this could be […]

Sprained wrist treatment

When a person has a strained wrist it means that the ligaments and tendons that are inside their wrist are injured. A sprained wrist can happen in a variety of different ways. One common causes of a sprained wrist is a fall in which the person puts their hand out to try to break it. […]

Sprained ankle treatment

Spraining your ankle is never any fun however with the right treatment you can be back on your feet in no time. The most important thing to do after an injury to your ankle is to make sure it is not fractured or broken. If the pain is severe or you cannot bare any weight […]

Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury can affect the body in different ways. Most of the time, a spinal cord injury will result in the permanent loss of movement in the body, below the injury site. This loss of movement is also known as paralysis and the loss of sensation to the body parts affected usually accompanies the […]

Brain injury

There are some things in life that you simply cannot prepare for and a brain injury is one of those cases. It can happen in a split second and your life is forever altered whether you are the brain injured or someone who will care for a loved one with a brain injury. For both […]