Hormone therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy

There has long been a cult of mystique around the advent of menopause in women. Women, differentiated from men by their ability to have children and menstruate, lose that ability when they grow older. Suddenly they are in a state of flux – no longer of child bearing age, yet still – in this day […]

Natural hormone therapy

Women can experience unpleasant side effects from menopause for several years before they have come and gone. In fact some women may experience things such as night sweats, moods swings, hot flashes, thinning hair, weight gain, night sweats, and general irritability for years before they are completely finished with having menstrual cycles. There are four […]

Estrogen replacement therapy

Estrogen replacement therapy, commonly known as hormone replacement therapy, is meant to give women hormones in an effort to treat or prevent the symptoms of certain conditions or the actual condition itself. The most common condition is menopause; the therapy is used to replace the hormones that a woman’s body no longer makes after menopause. […]

Male hormone therapy

Do you want to feel younger and have more energy? Male hormone therapy might be the answer. Men may begin hormone therapy for many reasons. There are many options when choosing male hormone therapy. There are patches, injections, and gels available with synthetic testosterone. One of the biggest reasons that may cause concern is a […]

Natural testosterone replacement

Both men and women can have low testosterone levels, resulting in depression, loss of sex drives, weak orgasm, infertility, changes in body hair, and brittle bones. Testosterone may naturally decrease with age, but sometimes a hormonal imbalance can lead to many symptoms that reduce the quality of life and happiness for many people. Low testosterone […]

Menopausal hormone therapy

Ask any woman who has gone through it now, going through menopause is no picnic. Women who are going through menopause suffer from hot flashes, cold flashes, fits of anger and rage, poor memory, irregular periods, crying jags, the inability to sleep, extreme nervousness and the list can go on and on. No wonder so […]

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is the most common treatment for women going through menopause. When menopause occurs, the ovaries lower a woman’s production of estrogen and progesterone which causes a wide variety of symptoms. Menopause causes the menstrual cycle to end and can also cause hot flashes, urinary and vaginal problems and mood swings. Once the […]