Herbal treatments for herpes

Herpes is basically a virus that is best known as a sexually transmitted disease. Unfortunately however, as with many diseases, conventional medicine may not be considered an effective treatment for herpes. Medical research has taught us that certain anti-viral drugs may be able to reduce the severity, and also the frequency of herpes outbreaks. However […]

Postherpetic neuralgia

Postherpetic neuralgia is a commonly experienced complication from herpes zoster, or shingles. Shingles is a skin rash that can be mildly itchy or severely painful. Postherpetic neuralgia is a chronic condition in which pain is felt in the same area as the shingles rash, resulting from damage to the nerve fibers during the shingles infection. […]

Cold sore treatment

Cold sores, those painful and annoying blisters that you desperately want to be healed, are difficult to treat without the right tools. These fluid-filled sores can appear on the lips, mouth, or nose and are caused by a virus. The lesion may go away on its own in a few days, but, due to the […]

Fever blister treatment

A fever blister is a cold sore which is caused by an infection. Fever blisters are a form of herpes. A fever blister is often described as a red blister which develops in various areas of your mouth. It can be found both on the outside of your mouth and the inside of your mouth, […]

Genital herpes treatment

There are quite a few symptoms to genital herpes that will make it relatively stressful to live with. Genital herpes can be a fairly painful condition as it can have regular discomfort so treating is usually necessary. Genital herpes treatment can get rid of the stressful symptoms associatd with the disease if done correctly. If […]

Lysine for herpes treatment

Herpes is a virus that has no known cure. However, both HSV1 (cold sores) and HSV2 (genital herpes) can be treated by natural means to help prevent and control outbreaks as well as by prescription drugs. Lysine for herpes treatment is a good alternative to prescribed medications that can have unpleasant side effects. There are […]

Genital herpes symptoms

Genital herpes is a common condition that affects about 1 in 5 Americans. Genital herpes can not be cured because the virus that causes it can stay in the body for life. However, you can control the severity of the symptoms and prevent outbreaks with regular treatment. Having genital herpes does not mean that normal […]

Cure for herpes

There are two types of herpes virus, genital herpes and oral herpes. Unfortunately neither one is curable at this time but the good news is they are preventable and treatable. The two types of herpes viruses are Herpes Simplex Type 1 (HSV-1) and Herpes Simplex Type 2 (HSV-2). Both of these types of virus can […]

Shingles symptoms

Shingles, otherwise known as Herpes Zoster, is a rash found on the skin that is caused by a virus that also causes chickenpox. The virus is known as the Varicella Zoster Virus and is part of the Herpes family. Once a person has had the chickenpox, the VZV virus continues to live throughout the nervous […]

Herpes zoster

Herpes zoster is commonly called shingles and it is caused by the same virus that is responsible for the chicken pox. It is in the same family as herpes and can remain dormant in the body long after the patient has contracted the chicken pox. Anyone who has had the chicken pox is susceptible to […]