Herbal supplements

Maca powder

Today, more and more discoveries are being made as far as new herbal supplements are concerned. This is mainly because people from all walks of life are looking for ways on how they can improve their health through natural means. If you are one of these people, then one of the herbal supplements that you […]

Herbal thyroid support

Hypothyroidism, or thyroid dysfunction, is a condition that is typically caused by the thyroid gland not producing enough thyroid hormones. This is especially important in ensuring that the body’s metabolism is stabilized. Often the best way to treat this disorder is through herbal thyroid supplements and support. If you are suffering with thyroid problems, many […]

Liquid valerian root extract

Liquid valerian root is an extract that is made from a perennial plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It has been used throughout the centuries as a sleep aid and to treat nervous system disorders. It has active compound that have sedative effects. Liquid valerian root is sold as a dietary supplement in […]

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a popular native herb that is sold in the United States as a dietary supplement. It is very popular and beneficial for women who are seeking relief from symptoms of menopause. Those who practice in the field of alternative medicine use black cohosh to help reduce the frequency and intensity of hot […]

Gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is woody plant that is native to India in parts of Asia. The active ingredient in this herb, called gymnemic acid, is extracted from the leaves and roots of the plant. It has been used in India and Asia for thousands of years to treat diabetes and help regulate blood sugar levels and […]

Cordyceps supplement

Today there are several brands of Cordyceps supplements available on the market which promise to boost energy, strengthen immune response, increase longevity and so on but what exactly is Cordyceps? This is a herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It is actually a fungus that grows on the […]

Organic herbal supplements

Herbs are desired for their special qualities, scent, and flavor. Herbal supplements have been used for centuries for the purported healing qualities that they possess. The use of these products to heal various diseases and conditions on a broad spectrum of severity is a holistic approach in the medical world. Holistic, as the name implies, […]

Quercetin with bromelain

Quercetin is a type of flavonoid derived from plants and used as a nutritional or dietary supplement. Studies have proven that it has antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been found to have several other health benefits such as reduction in the risk of cancer and improved cardiovascular health. Quercetin is found […]

Evening primrose oil

The benefits of evening primrose oil have been studied for many years. Evening primrose oil can be taken orally or used externally to help with a broad range of medicinal reasons. The oil from the evening primrose plant has so many qualities that help in the healing process of many parts of our body. That […]

Reishi mushroom

The Japanese call the reishi mushroom the “mushroom of immortality.” The common botanical name for this mushroom is Gandoderma Lucidum. The Chinese name for this mushroom as Lingzhi which means “herb of the spirit.” The reishi mushroom has been used in as an ancient Chinese herbal remedy for over 2,000 years. It has recently been […]

Siberian ginseng

The herb known as Siberian ginseng has been used in Eastern countries for centuries. People in Russia and China, especially, have found the herb, also called eleuthero, to have a great number of uses. While it is similar to the Asian and American forms of ginseng, it is a very distinctive plant and has different […]

Graviola extract

Graviola extract comes from an evergreen tree that grown in and on the tropical coasts of both North and South America. It can also be found in the Amazon. This tree produces a small edible yellow heart shaped fruit that is called Guanabana or Brazilian Cherimoya. It can be eaten fresh or it can be […]

Ginkgo biloba benefits

Ginkgo Biloba is a tree that is native to China. The herbal extract called Ginkgo Biloba is made from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree. It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries in eastern cultures and is thought to help the circulatory system the most. For the last 30 years, clinical research in […]

Borage oil

Natural herbs and supplements are a great way of giving our body nutrients that it may not be getting in our daily diet. The food industry and fast-paced lives of today are lacking in the proper nutrition our bodies need to function as they should. A great supplement we can take advantage of is borage […]

Grape seed extract

Having a healthy heart and cardiovascular system is an important and vital step in maintaining good overall health. If someone in your family has a history of heart disease, such as heart attack or stroke, then it is even more important for you to supplement and find ways to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. […]

Panax ginseng extract

Panax ginseng extract is derived from the ginseng that grows in the regions of Northern China. This form of ginseng has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years to treat a variety of ailments including diabetes, arthritis, neurological disorders, headache, fatigue, and depression. Most of the modern forms of Panax Ginseng […]

Natural herbal products

For those people who are trying to live a life that is a little more focused on health and well-being, there is almost nothing as important as returning to natural herbal products to assist their bodies in making this transition successfully. That is because our bodies have evolved over thousands of years to rely on […]