Causes of heartburn

Heartburn is not actually a condition of the heart, although the symptoms of severe heartburn often mimic those of heart diseases. Heartburn is actually an irritation in the esophagus and is caused by a buildup of stomach acid. Everyone has stomach acid. This acid is needed in order to properly digest food. When trace amounts […]

Acid reflux causes

Acid reflux refers to heartburn, which is a result of blood or food not being digested properly. Blood could back up in the heart valve if there is a problem with the valve. This may occur if foods travel towards your mouth after they already reach your stomach. Acid reflux is a condition that anyone […]

Heartburn and indigestion

It is fairly common after eating a big meal, or eating food that doesn’t quite agree with you, to notice the initial signs of indigestion. However is it actually indigestion that you are feeling, or could it be heartburn? Both these conditions are caused by the actual way that you eat and indeed the way […]

Heartburn symptoms

Suffering from heartburn can be extremely uncomfortable and hard to live with. Many people suffer from the occasional bout of heartburn after eating something that did not settle well with them, however there are many people who suffer with chronic heartburn after eating just about anything. Whether it is the occasional case of heartburn or […]

Heartburn remedies

For those that suffer from heartburn it can be very frustrating. People often suffer from chronic heartburn or maybe just the occasional heartburn associated with eating certain foods. No matter what causes your heartburn, I’m sure you are ready to find some relief. There are several different ways to treat heartburn. Some may work for […]