Health monitor

Home Fetal Monitor

The first time around, being pregnant can be both exciting and stressful. Many people get nervous about the whole process and begin to worry that there could be some complications. To get the negative thoughts out of your head, you would need to know that the fetus is healthy. A great way to do this […]

Heart rate monitor watches

Heart rate monitors are used to measure the heart rate of an individual. These monitors are mainly used by athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to keep track of things such as how much they raise their heart rate when they are exercising. A lot of people who work out feel that they are not […]

Omron pedometer

The Omron pedometer is one of the best brands of pedometers being sold on the market today. It is made by one of the most innovative Japanese companies that has an established reputation in the healthcare products industry. They make pedometers, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors and body fat monitors for use in the […]

Strapless heart rate monitor

Working out isn’t just about weight loss and body building. For most people, whether they realize it or not, working out is also about improving their heart health. Your heart is a muscle—undoubtedly, it is the most important muscle in your body—and it needs to exercise to stay in shape just like all the rest […]

Biometric monitor

A biometric monitor is a device that measures different aspects of a person’s behavioral or physiological behavior. It basically measures the biological data of a human being. Therefore, in essence, the humble thermometer that we use to measure the temperature of our body is also a biometric monitor. There are different kinds of biometric monitors […]

Pedometer watch

Pedometers are devices that measure different functions of the body, such as the heart rate, or number calories burned. A pedometer watch is basically a pedometer which also functions as a wrist-watch – it displays time, as well as the functions that are measured by the pedometer, which is usually a combination of distance, number […]

Fertility monitor

Fertility monitors are designed to help couples know what the best times of their cycle would be to conceive a pregnancy. These monitors help people who have been trying to conceive previously but have been unable to do so. The monitors help to narrow down the few days of the month that are optimum for […]

Blood sugar monitor

People who have diabetes need to keep their blood sugar levels steady throughout the day. Diabetics typically use a blood sugar monitor to accomplish keeping track of what there sugar level is throughout the day. There is no other way to determine what your blood sugar levels are without a blood sugar monitor, unless you […]

Portable ECG monitor

Cardiovascular heart disease kills millions each year. In fact over 20 million people will die each year from heart disease. Statistics show that up to 22 million people in the world are at risk of having a sudden cardiac incident and heart failure at any point and time this year. Many lives can be saved […]

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors are used to measure the heart rate of an individual. They can range from the basic machine which just measures the heart or pulse rate to some so elaborate they measure the amount of calories you burn up during your workout. Some of the monitors can be strapped on to the chest […]

Glucose meters

Having diabetes can mean that you are constantly in need of monitoring your blood glucose levels. One way of making sure your glucose levels are at the appropriate level is by using a glucose meter. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor may have instructed you to get a glucose meter to […]

Cholesterol test kits

If you are worried about your cholesterol you may be wondering if you should get an at home cholesterol test kit. Although there is never anything as accurate as having a medical exam or professional test done, it can still be beneficial to check your cholesterol more often at home. When trying to figure out […]

Blood pressure cuff

If you are someone who is suffering from hypertension then you might find it necessary to use a system to help you monitor and regulate your condition from home. This is why many people rely on a blood pressure cuff that they can use at home. There are a variety of different types and styles […]

Blood pressure monitor

People with high blood pressure are at serious risk for heart attacks, heart disease, and other heart related conditions. It is important to keep denying her blood pressure so that you can determine whether or not it is an acceptable range or should be examined by a doctor. Unfortunately, heart disease is genetically inherited trait, […]