Health food

Natural health food

Apart from making people look great, natural health foods actually help them feel good about themselves and achieve a state of physical well-being through regular consumption of the foods. Intake of natural health foods is one the safest ways to lose weight and keep the blood sugar at an optimum level allowing one to have […]

Low glycemic foods

Low glycemic foods are typically carbohydrates which breakdown slowly and aim to release glucose gradually into the bloodstream. The glycemic index of food is a ranking system that will rank foods based on the immediate effect that they have on your blood glucose or blood sugar levels. If a specific carbohydrate breaks down very quickly […]

High energy foods

High energy foods provide additional energy supply to the human body. They help prepare the body before doing physical activities and high impact sports activities, such as running, swimming, skiing and jogging. High energy foods also help enhance the immune system. High energy foods come from the five main food groups. The five main food […]

Tryptophan rich foods

Tryptophan is a substance that has gotten a bad reputation lately. However, it is essential for good health and normal growth. The bad reputation came from contaminated supplements. However, eating foods rich in tryptophan is perfectly safe. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is necessary for normal growth and the biosynthesis of serotonin and […]

Good carbohydrates

If you are looking to create a healthy diet plan then you must understand what a healthy balanced diet is made up of. Many people that are looking to lose weight will make stubborn mistakes such as eliminating fat or carbohydrates, or just starving themselves until they lose the weight. Truth be told, if you […]

Cancer fighting foods

The war between cancer and the human body is none too fun, nor is it desired by any means. Studies show that diet (yes, the things you eat) can actually increase your risk of cancer. The results are in, and up until now, about 1/3 of cancers are caused do to a poor diet. So […]

Garlic health benefits

Garlic health benefits are outstanding and far reaching. This strange looking bulb is nicknamed the “stinking rose” because it is so odorous when cut, chopped or chewed. Many scientific studies have been done now that substantiate the many health benefits of garlic. It has been confirmed as being an excellent anti-viral as well as an […]

Diabetic foods

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that results from having too much sugar or glucose in the blood. The pancreas is not producing sufficient amounts of insulin to convert food into energy. When a person has diabetes it is critical that they monitor and maintain their blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Eating diabetic foods […]

Anti-aging foods

Whenever you’re building something, whether it’s a craft, a recipe, or a house-held object, leaving out the vital components is just not an option because at some point, you will be doomed for failure. Every material has a purpose and if left out, may not have immediate consequences, but will eventually have an adverse impact […]

Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a type of fresh waster green algae and is the richest source of chlorophyll on the earth. It is a unique substance found in all green plants and is sometimes called the blood of plant life. It has varieties of various elements which are vitamins and minerals. Besides, it is also high […]

Low glycemic index foods

So what exactly is the glycemic index anyway? Why do we need to be concerned with this index and how they rate foods? Well, researchers have found that when dealing with carbohydrates they cannot treat them all the same way. As there are many different types of carbs and different caloric values, there are just […]

Riboflavin foods

Riboflavin is another name for vitamin B2. This is a water-soluble vitamin that is easily absorbed in the body. A daily supply of riboflavin is needed since very little of this vitamin is stored in the body. Riboflavin is needed for metabolizing carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids. It also is needed to help the […]

Probiotic foods

In the nutrition and science world, probiotics are also sometimes referred to as “friendly bacteria.” Never thought you’d hear that, did you? Well, it’s true. There are millions of bacteria in the body, particularly in the intestine, that help with metabolic and biological functions. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are similar to these microorganisms found […]

Nutrition bars

When you’re on the go and need a delicious, nutritious, and most importantly, quick snack, nutrition bars are a great option. They come in a variety of brands, flavors (anything from iced oatmeal or apple cinnamon to peanut butter or cookies and cream), and prices, with a selection for everyone. While they can be slightly […]

Foods that increase metabolism

Our metabolism rate is the rate that the body burns up food and calories that it takes in. The body which is heavy in muscle and low in fat burns many more calories in a much faster rate than a body that is high in fat and low in muscle tissue. One pound of muscle […]

Most nutritious vegetables

We are led to believe from a very young age that vegetables are extremely important to our health and well-being. With that said, you should aim to eat the right ones as not all vegetables are created equal. The most nutritious vegetables are typically loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients and some even have anti-aging […]

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is considered one of nature’s healthiest foods in the world for human beings. It is called “bee bread” by some and is the staple food for honey bees and their young. It is a popular supplement that many people are taking these days for all kinds of health problems. The worker bees collect […]

Amorphophallus konjac

Amorphophallus konjac is a very large, exotic flower originating in Asia. Other common names are Devil’s Tongue, Snake Plant, and Elephant-Foot Yam, and Voodoo Lily. The long center is called a corm and is wrapped by a large leaf. The parts of the plant that are used are the corm and the tuber, which is […]

Shiitake mushroom

Mushrooms are used on a daily basis for a variety of reasons. Most commonly they are an important part of a complex meal, but some people choose to use magic mushrooms as a way to get a hallucinogen high. Of course, there are also other people that use shiitake mushrooms as a medical practice, and […]

Food nutrients

Food nutrients are the elements that are needed for the proper functioning of the human body. We get these nutrients from the food that we eat each day. Despite all the supplements on the market, there are basically only six categories of food nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. All the other terms […]

Spirulina benefits

Most individuals who have unhealthy eating habits blame busy lifestyles. Because of the many things that they need to do throughout the day, they feel that it is impossible to eat healthy food choices. If you are one of these individuals, you need to know that getting the proper nutrition is actually easy once you […]

Health benefits of beets

Very rarely do you come across a person (or find yourself) enjoying beets. More likely, the word that you’ll encounter is “yuck!” Fortunately, this vegetable has a whole pocketbook of healthiness to offer that may make you change your mind, or at least think about changing your mind. In addition to the numerous vitamins and […]

Phytoestrogen foods

Phytoestrogens are an often misunderstood field of diet and estrogen research. Offering many of the effects of estrogen, they’re believed to have effects in reducing various cancers, heart diseases and cardiovascular conditions, and menopausal effects. As plant compounds, phytoestrogens are found in many food sources, including common use as a relatively low cost protein form […]

Pros and cons of genetically modified foods

Genetic modification occurs when science is used to change the genetic makeup of an animal or a plant. New technology that involves recombinant DNA allows research scientists to combine genes from more than one organism, resulting in a genetically modified animal or plant. Genetic modification not only appears in medicines like vaccines, it is present […]

Vitamin E food sources

The human body relies on the consumption of the right kinds of foods to maintain health. If you are not sure that you are not getting enough of the vitamin and nutrients that you need, you should consider taking supplements. When it comes to vitamin E, the body needs to consume enough of certain foods […]

Top 10 healthiest foods

A common misconception when it comes to healthy eating is that healthy food has a characteristically indescribable taste: HEALTHY. Well, dismiss that frame of mind right now and never let it return; that is an utterly false belief. Healthy is not synonymous with gross. Quite frankly, healthy foods come in all shapes, sizes, and tastes, […]

Ginger health benefits

For thousands of years people have regarded ginger as a respected and effective medicinal ingredient, but do you know the ginger health benefits? The most medicinally valuable part of ginger is the part that people frequently call the root. It is actually a stem of the plant that happens to grow underground. This stem can […]

Weight loss foods for women

As the feminine ideal of beauty keeps getting smaller and skinnier, real American women often feel the pressure to forego food in order to fit into that perfect size 0 dress. Women strive to achieve the bony beauty ideal by either dieting and exercising or not eating at all – sometimes to the point of […]

Foods high in vitamin K

Eating plenty of foods high in Vitamin K will help keep you healthy and will meet some of your most important nutritional needs. However, some people with serious health conditions may want to avoid foods that are high in Vitamin K. For example, individuals who are taking an anticoagulant like Plavix for a heart condition […]

Flavonoids rich foods

Flavonoids are thousands of different substances found in virtually all plants. These substances are responsible for the pigmentation or colors of the plants that have those wonderful hues of orange, yellow, red and dark green. Flavonoids are classified as plant pigments and they were discovered in 1938 by a Hungarian scientist named Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who […]