Health benefits

Garlic health benefits

Garlic health benefits are outstanding and far reaching. This strange looking bulb is nicknamed the “stinking rose” because it is so odorous when cut, chopped or chewed. Many scientific studies have been done now that substantiate the many health benefits of garlic. It has been confirmed as being an excellent anti-viral as well as an […]

Malic acid benefits

A number of fruits and vegetables contain malic acid. Most of these fruits and vegetables use the process of fermentation, which is a type of natural biological reaction, to preserve them. When fermentation occurs, the malic acid is disintegrated into another acid – called the lactic acid. The gas – carbon dioxide – is also […]

Vitamin B12 benefits

Vitamin B12 is an extremely important nutrient that can help to support high levels of energy, mental clarity and emotional stability. It is also associated with lower homocysteine levels, which can actually lessen the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B12 is actually the largest of all the vitamins and, indeed, the most complex. It contains […]

Vinegar health benefits

Vinegar is heralded as a natural remedy for certain medical conditions, said to cure anything from aches and pains to more serious ailments. In this day and age medicine is highly dependent on technology, but many people are still highly encouraged by the use of traditional remedies. Vinegar is one of these natural remedies that […]

Almonds health benefits

The first glance of the nutrition facts label on a bag of almonds might have you turning away. What if I told you that you should turn right back around and look again? Well, you most definitely should. In fact, almonds are very nutritious, but it takes a good eye to decipher what all the […]

Health benefits of eating seafood

Seafood is good for you. No, scratch that. Seafood is great for you. Cold-water, deep sea fish are an excellent source of many vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (good fats). The fatty acids in particular, which many people are lacking from their diet, are Omega-3 fatty acids. They help protect against heart disease, and […]

Celery health benefits

Celery has become a common household staple because it can be widely used in salads, soups, and main dishes. Its distinctive flavor may not be preferred by some, but many people love this virtually calorie-free vegetable. Not only does it provide a salty flavor to some foods, but it also has a surprisingly large number […]

Vitamin E benefits

Foods are filled with a combination of different nutrients that our bodies need to survive; it’s almost as if they were designed just for that reason…to keep us alive! Each nutrient plays a different role in the body. One general category of nutrients is vitamins; within this category, there are a variety of vitamins that […]

Astragalus health benefits

Probably almost as soon as they began to stand upright on two legs, early human beings began to wander what caused sickness and if they could cure it. Somewhere along the line back in the mists of time, they found that certain herbs and roots cured aches, pains, disease and other ailments, or at least […]

Benefits of exercising everyday

For some it is dreaded, for others it is gratifying. Exercise is a wonderful thing for a multitude of reasons: it can be done any time of day (and not all at once); it can be done with other people (family, friends, etc.); and lastly, it provides tremendous health benefits that can improve your mood, […]

Lycopene benefits

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that is found in the red pigment of tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables. It is also found in plants and algae. It is chemically similar to carotene but does not contain any vitamin A like the orange coloring in carrots do. Although lycopene is not an essential nutrient […]

Cinnamon health benefits

Cinnamon health benefits are touted throughout both the eastern and western world. Cinnamon is an ancient spice that is used for centuries in baking and cooking as well as for its health benefits. This spice has one of the highest antioxidant levels found in any spice. In fact, one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon has as […]

Chia seeds health benefits

Chia plant, scientifically known as salvia hispanica, is an important species of flowering plants. Chia is a sage plant from mint family, which is primarily cultivated for its seeds because of the many uses ranging from the kitchen to pharmaceutics. It was first cultivated by Aztecs and used as compliment by the people to their […]

Turmeric health benefits

Turmeric is an East Indian curry spice that has been used for thousands of years by both the Egyptian and Indian cultures to treat many diseases and ailments. It is also used as a spice for food and as yellow food coloring as well. The active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin. Curcumin has been derived […]

Folic acid benefits

Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B, specifically Vitamin B 9. In plants, Vitamin B is found in the ‘Folate’ form, a chemical form which occurs naturally. The ‘Folic’ form, which does not occur naturally in either plants or in the human body, is the more stable form and this, is the form in […]

Benefits of lysine

Lysine supplements have become very popular in recent years for a number of reasons. They were initially used as a supplement that would fight cold sores and herpes. Lysine was said to have properties that would work effectively to fight the symptoms of those conditions. However, people tend to use lysine supplements for much different […]

Vitamin K benefits

Vitamin k is actually a fat soluble vitamin which is very essential of our body. It is found in the colon in the form of an intestinal bacteria made in the colon by intestinal bacteria. This bacterium is made naturally into the colon and from where it is absorbed back into the colon walls and […]

Vitamin D3 benefits

Most Americans do their best to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, all the conflicting information out there – on television, in magazines, on the internet, and even from the pens of experts in medical journals – can make staying healthy the right way a difficult and challenging task. For example, most of us know that […]

Echinacea benefits

First encountered in parts of North America, Echinacea quickly earned a great deal of popularity (especially in the subcontinent of South-east Asia) due to the numerous positive effects it can have on human health. The medicine is considered to be a ‘cure-all’ medicine. The derivation of the name is caused by the fact that the […]

Spirulina benefits

Most individuals who have unhealthy eating habits blame busy lifestyles. Because of the many things that they need to do throughout the day, they feel that it is impossible to eat healthy food choices. If you are one of these individuals, you need to know that getting the proper nutrition is actually easy once you […]

Benefits of breastfeeding for baby and mother

Breastfeeding, that wonderful bond between mother and baby, is an incredible experience for both. It is actually the most natural and beneficial thing a mother can do for her baby. In today’s fast-paced world, it may seem easier to feed your baby formula and you may have heard this is just as good as breastfeeding, […]

Maqui berry benefits

By now you’ve probably heard of superfoods; well Maqui berries are Superberries. As most superfoods have, Maqui berries have long history of use in an indigenous people. Suggested to be more potent than the Acai and Goji berries, the Maqui berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, packed to the brim with health benefits for the human […]

Health benefits of beets

Very rarely do you come across a person (or find yourself) enjoying beets. More likely, the word that you’ll encounter is “yuck!” Fortunately, this vegetable has a whole pocketbook of healthiness to offer that may make you change your mind, or at least think about changing your mind. In addition to the numerous vitamins and […]

Alfalfa benefits

Alfalfa is a perennial flowering plant commonly referred to as M. sativa L. It is found natively in various countries throughout the world. It has been increasing in its popularity as a dietary supplement for humans in recent years in the United States. This plant is able to absorb minerals from the soil much better […]

Health benefits of liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a natural substance that is responsible for the green color of plants and leaves.  Chlorophyll absorbs the sun’s energy in order to allow plants to carry out photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is rich in magnesium, copper, iron, protein, vitamin A, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamin E, lithium, phosphorus, zinc and a number of other essential nutrients.  […]

Bee propolis benefits

Propolis is a mixture collected by bees. It is a sticky substance that is found in botanicals like tree buds and sap flows. Bees use it as a sealant for small gaps in their hives. Until the 20th century, relatively little was known about propolis, but now a number of significant human uses are coming […]

Benefits of vitamin D

All vitamins are important for our bodies, but just how important is vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential in helping our bodies absorb calcium. Without vitamin D we could develop numerous health problems. Vitamin D plays an important role in preventing many maladies that a lot of people may not even be aware of. Recent […]

Steroids health benefits

There are many different types of steroids, each with their own health benefits, but for the purpose of this article we’ll focus primarily on those that are most common and are used in hormone treatment therapy and for increasing athletic performance. Although steroids are technically illegal, they can be obtained via a prescription from a […]

Raw honey benefits

Honey is a sweet edible substance that is produced by certain insects from the nectar of flowers. Raw honey, as the name suggests, is completely natural honey that is unprocessed, unheated and unfiltered. It is the purest form of honey that can be offered by nature. Honey loses all the natural goodness when it is […]

Green tea benefits

Green tea is known to offer remarkable health benefits to people who consume it on a regular basis. It has its origins in China although it is now manufactured in several parts of the world. Ready-to-consume green tea is produced from Camellia sinensis, a tea plant. A special technique involving very minimal oxidation levels of […]