Gastroparesis diet

The literal translation of gastroparesis is stomach (gastro) paralysis (paresis). This term is most often used for people whose stomach does not empty quickly enough. The ability of the stomach to empty will vary from one person to another however the majority of people are able to swallow and empty about one quart of saliva […]

Gastroparesis treatment

Gastroparesis is a condition that causes the stomach to not be able to be empty due to the stomach being unable to move and function properly. The condition is often caused as diabetes but it is also common preceding a surgical procedure to the stomach. Simply put, gastroparesis is a term that describes a weak […]

Gastroparesis symptoms

Gastroparesis is simply a weak stomach; if you break the word apart, that is exactly what you get—gastro meaning stomach and paresis meaning impaired movement. The result of this weak stomach is delayed emptying of the stomach’s contents. It sounds very serious, but is rather easily treatable. However, recognizing the symptoms is the key to […]