Fruit supplements

Citrus bioflavonoids

Citrus bioflavonoids are found in the rind of all citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. Bioflavonoids are substances that are commonly found in plant pigments and have vitamin-like properties. This is why they are sometimes referred to as vitamin P. The bioflavonoids are what give the plants, flowers and fruits their varied colors. […]

Most nutritious fruits

The term “most nutritious fruits” probably seems a little strange, since we’ve been told that all fruits are good for us. Actually, that is an absolutely correct statement. However, there are fruits that provide more nutritious properties because of the specific vitamins and minerals present in them; along with all these nutrients are wonderful health […]

Almonds health benefits

The first glance of the nutrition facts label on a bag of almonds might have you turning away. What if I told you that you should turn right back around and look again? Well, you most definitely should. In fact, almonds are very nutritious, but it takes a good eye to decipher what all the […]

Camu camu

It is difficult to imagine what kind of wondrous cures, health and assistance we can find in the mysterious plants that reside all over the globe and that have yet to be tested. Could there be a cure for cancer hidden in some dark, lush, tropical forest somewhere? It is quite possible, but it could […]

Grapefruit diet pills

The grapefruit diet has been around for over seventy years now and has shown tremendous success for most people that utilize it. Grapefruit diet pills are one variation of a grapefruit based diet which can be beneficial as well. But, this is a somewhat undiscovered diet method and it doesn’t have the extensive history that […]

Maqui berry benefits

By now you’ve probably heard of superfoods; well Maqui berries are Superberries. As most superfoods have, Maqui berries have long history of use in an indigenous people. Suggested to be more potent than the Acai and Goji berries, the Maqui berry is an antioxidant powerhouse, packed to the brim with health benefits for the human […]

Schizandra berry

Schizandra berry is often used in Chinese medicine to treat conditions such as a variety of allergic reactions, insomnia, and hepatitis. Schizandra is a climbing vine that has tiny red berries and is often referred to in Chinese medicine as a potent herb that is adaptogenic. Its botanical name is Schizandra chinensis and it is […]

Papaya enzyme

The papaya has been studied and long used for its many benefits for our health. It is packed full of vitamins and beneficial enzymes that can be very helpful with certain diseases and disorders today. The papaya contains the enzyme papain as do pineapples, figs and kiwi fruit. This enzyme has been extracted and used […]

Mangosteen juice benefits

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is native to Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. It is also being grown in Brazil and India now for products being sold in the western world. The fruit itself is about the size of an apple and it has a thick rind like an orange, only it is dark […]

Garcinia cambogia

Fruits can have amazing powers. The vitamins and nutrients that they are filled with can help prevent cancer and slow aging by stopping free radicals, can cure the common cold with their vitamin C, can help reduce LDL cholesterol with fiber and so many other things. It is possible that fruit can even help cure […]

Acai berry supplements

Harnessing the natural power of antioxidants is easy if you begin taking Acai berry supplements. Taking this supplement is a very beneficial way to improve your overall health and appearance. Acai berry supplements can even extend your lifespan according to some experts. Acai berries are found in the Amazon rainforest and have quickly become popular […]