Eye surgery

Types of laser eye surgery

Twenty/ twenty vision is not a gift that is given to everyone. Some people spend their entire lives with eyes that are about as helpful on their own as a grease smudged picture window. Unable to see faces, cars, trees and mountains, these individuals spend hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on ophthalmology appointments, […]

Pterygium surgery

We have all heard about laser eye surgery for people who want to improve their vision, but for most people, that type of surgical procedure is merely cosmetic. While yes, it does change their quality of life, it is not necessary for them to go on living, especially when other – less expensive and invasive […]

Cataract surgery

The aim of cataract surgery is to remove the cloudy natural lens on the iris. After the removal process, the natural lens is replaced with a permanent intraocular lens implant to restore power in most cases. The decision of having cataract surgery depends on how well a person can see during daily activities. One will […]

Corrective eye surgery

Many people have to wear glasses or contacts due to having poor vision. For many of those people their vision may be drastically improved by having corrective eye surgery. Although many people may be fearful of having corrective eye surgery because it sounds scary or invasive, the procedure is really very simple. The procedure is […]

Corneal transplantation

The clear domed shaped surface in front of the iris and pupil is called the cornea. It helps the eye to focus and see clearly. Corneal transplantation is a medical procedure that is sometimes recommended for people who have problems with their vision because of a thinning of the cornea or scaring that happens due […]

Cataract surgery complications

Cataract surgery is generally a safe surgery to have. However, people who have cataract surgery can sometimes experience complications after surgery. Although it is extremely rare cataract surgery complications do happen for some people. These complications can be classified as either minor and temporary or major and permanent. These cataract surgery complications can include such […]

Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery has become a new popular procedure performed on people who may have less than perfect vision. If you have heard of Lasik and are wondering what exactly it is and whether or not it is the right procedure for you, then continue reading to get some information about this surgery. Lasik is a […]

Laser eye surgery

Being able to see properly is one of the most crucial parts of life. For some this may require glasses or contacts to be worn in order to see the world more clearly. With today’s medical advances the option of laser eye surgery can be quite enticing to a lot of people, however not everyone […]